Thursday, May 19, 2011

Piecing in Progress

After all my applique preparation last week I have been busy piecing. Got a bee in my bonnet about getting something DONE so I got to work! 
This is Anni Downs 'Simple Pleasures' quilt top, minus the stitcheries. I have used LuLu, a Maywood Studio's fabric; they have such lovely fabrics. I also left off the prairie points from the light border. This is a cot sized quilt and that is possibly what I will use it for, as a gift; or maybe a large table topper. Not sure yet, but it does need quilting!
I seem to have an ever growing pile of tops to quilt, does this happen at your house too?
A friend recently suggested that when the top is finished I get in and baste it ASAP. I think that is a great idea, and worth having a go at.

This is a Sunkissed jelly roll that Kerri sent me a little while ago as a thankyou for me helping her out with fabric for a quilt top that was from an older range and difficult to source. That is a frustration. With so many new fabric ranges coming out it is hard to keep up with them, they date really quick and it is often hard to purchase yardage or pre-cuts once they have been out a few months.
Anyway I ummed and ahhed over what to do with the Sunkissed jellyroll. Something that I DID consider purchasing but I kept deleting my cart as I didn't NEED it! So it was a fantastic choice of Kerri's to send me.
I finally settled on making 'Floral Bouquet' from the Jelly Roll Quilts book. I have wanted to make this quilt for ages but keep putting it off; and seeing Lynda's coming together was inspiring! Late last week I cut it out, was so nice to have found a white jelly roll in the cupboard so there was a little less cutting than if I had yardage. The next day saw me have the blocks together and at present I am stitching the blocks and rows together. I need to speed up a little as it is lying out on the floor and the floor is getting dirty....a design wall sounds great about right now!

This is Maypole by April Cornell, it's been around a couple of years. I bought this as a kit to make a braid quilt but lost the desire to do so but wanted to make something from it. I had no idea what until I saw Peg use the same jelly roll to make a Chinese Coins quilt with white sashings/borders. It was stunning!
That's when I knew I had to make 'Floral Bouquet' with it, and for the last twelve months or so this has been waiting to be made up! It's cut and ready to go now. This is for one of my daughters, the bright colours suit her so well.

Here is a block from the 'Sunkissed Floral Bouquet'. It looks so so pretty. Just right for the DD it is for.


Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Wow Bec....You have been busy! I might have to borrow that bee you had in your bonnet to get me going...LOL!! Your 'Sunkissed Floral Boquet Block' is gorgeous....beautiful colours....and the gifts you received were lovely! Can also relate to not getting pics taken!!

Lynda said...

Both of those FB quilts are going to be beautiful as is your Simple Pleasures quilt top. That's a great idea for a cot quilt.

Lynn said...

Love the simple pleasures top, and yes that is a problem for me .. too many tops not quilted. I think I get so excited about using the fabric that the quilting is the boring part for me. If that were my kids moving on to one think before another is finished I'd have a fit.
Love the little block, so pretty.

debbie said...

Wow you have been productive. I have several tops, but that's ok with me. My grandma was a quilter that did lots of piecing, and less quilting. She had a stroke at 71 that left her unable to quilt. She had pieced a top for each of her grand daughters, and had pinned a small piece of paper to each with our names on it in her lovely hand writing. My mom took up quilting to finish those tops for me and my 3 sister. Grandma's heritage to our family was her unfinished tops, which brought the next generation into the quilting hobby :o)
I have wanted to purchase Sunkissed, but none of the 4 local quilt shops had it. I try to spend my money locally, so I never ordered it on-line :o(. I'm sure the precuts are all gone, but If anyone has some to sell I'd love an email! I think my addy is available in my google account.