Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

close up of some of Carole's return gift

 I joined up for Maree's 'RAK', random act of kindness swap. Everyone who joined up was allocated a month to send something to any person they choose off the list. To make sure everyone recieved something you had to send a parcel back if you recieved something.
I chose two people, for different reasons. I chose Pat from Narromine, whom Peg blogs for on the Club Quilt blog. Pat has inspired me over the years with what she makes; and in particular a quilt of hers was very inspirational. I also chose someone at random, wanting to spread some love and kindness around; Carole from Abberdean was my random choice. It has been lovely reading her blog and getting to know her.
Now the slacko that I am, I didn't photograph what I sent to Pat and Carole. Initially I planned to make a gift for this swap but as my month ended up being March, an extra busy month I wasn't able to. So I put together a package of misc things; such as charm packs, threads, stitchery kit, bag handles, Cath Kidston pincushions etc etc. Both packages had some things the same and some things different. It was fun to put together these surprise parcels, a great swap! Thanks Maree for organising it!

 This is what Carole sent back to me. A gorgeous bag with all sorts of bits and pieces in it. Love the stitchery on the bag!

 Pat also sent me a gorgeous bag; funnily enough a bag that I was hoping to purchase the pattern for and make at some point; now I don't have to!
 love the buttons she used, the right ones are on the back of the handles and the left ones are on the front.
Thanks so much Carole and Pat! 

Excuse me posting twice in one day, I didn't want another week to get away before posting again!

EDIT - link to Carole's blog fixed now.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow good are your return RAK's....just love the bag Pat has made for you, she does do the most amazing work ... xxx

A Blessed Life said...

Hi Bec, so glad you liked it all,have a lovely day.

Vicki said...

Lovely pressies, Bec. Particularly like the stitchery of the cakes - whose cute design is that??

Sheila said...

Lovely goodies, but now one of my all-time favourites is the cake stand stitchery. I tried to get on Carole´s blog to ask her who the designer is, but couldn´t get onto her blog. Do you know who designed it...or do you have another link to Carole?
Many thanks.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

A lot of great stuff going on here, love the gifts, purses and the BOM plans, all looks lovely!

Lynn said...

Lucky you, such nice RAK's. I really like the cake stand stichery and that ice cream cone is darling.

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifts Bec.... Such a lovely swap.