Thursday, December 24, 2009

Final Christmas Sewing Pt 1

Roses de Noel by the Sea

Freemotion quilting is all finished!
The two designs I chose for the blocks ended up being more difficult than I anticipated, with having to continually meet in the centre to attempt a symmetrical flower set squarely in the square. As I progressed with each block I improved, I got more confident, I got excited and I enjoyed myself. I have heard so many people say that freemotioning is about practice; well I am seconding that loud and clear!

This quilt was great to make, and I love how the backing looks with all the quilting.

Some of my ok, and not-so-ok quilting!
DH really likes the overall look and feel of the quilt, wonders will never cease!
I also finished two santa sacks for two of my boys, these were an adaption of Anni's santa sack from her book A Christmas Story by Hatched and Patched. I will stitch some gold cordingonto these; but as I don't have any on hand this will have to wait. Besides; I don't think they will be closed for very long as it's not long till Santa comes now!


Joy said...

Bec I LOVE your quilt!!! You've done such a fabulous job on the quilting. I love doing free motion too, so much more fun to do than straight lines and 'in the ditch' :o). Your Santa sacks are so cute too!!
Hope you and all your family have a WONDERFUL Christmas and that you are blessed with good health and loads of happiness in 2010!!!
Joy :o)

Kate said...

Your quilting looks great! It really does take practice...thats why I like to quilt over tracing paper :-)