Saturday, December 5, 2009

Scraps Scraps Scraps

How inspirational is this book????
Bonnie of Quiltville is a wonder! Her book is eyeopening, her site is amazing and her blog is fabulous!
My friend Sandi from SA swapped a bag of scraps with me earlier in the year and this started my journey to look at scraps in a new way. I started looking in my scrap piles for applique pieces and found so many possibilities. Now there is no end to the possibilities. If you haven't visited Quiltville yet, you must. Bonnie has HEAPS of free patterns to use your scraps on. Her information sections on managing stashes/scraps, borders, binding, leaders and enders and others are very helpful. Make yourself a cuppa before you start browsing, you will be there a while! Bonnie has a new book due out in Feb 2010 with a working title (may not be the finished title) 'Adventures with Leaders and Enders' - I wish it would hurry up!
One of daughters helping me to sort my scraps. I am sure that there are at least two quilts in this pile; let alone what will be added to it in the next year!
The main sorting is done now and over the next few months we will go through a box, pressing, trimming and sorting out sizes more definately. I have put all my binding offcuts in a section, didn't realise I had so many! The offcuts will make a full quilt binding once joined!

My boxes aren't nearly so attractive as Bonnie's plastic drawers, but they are fine for the time being. Something will come along to replace them in the future.
While I am asking, has anyone ever made quilt using silk??? I was very generously given some silk kimonino offcuts from a friend whose husbands family is Japanese; and I want to make a quilt with these. I know it can be done as I have seen some silk quilts about, but wondered if there any tips.

Do you keep your scraps? Do you make scrap quilts?
I wish I had kept all my scraps from when I started quilting, but better now than never!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Love love love what you are about to do. Let me know what the book is like and I might get one too.

Carin said...

I had no idea she had a book out DANG now I have another thing to add to my Christmas list!

Tammy James said...

Yes I keep Scraps, No I don't quilt. Am currently wondering how best to store and more importantly sort my scraps as the collection grows.

Cardygirl said...

You are so good sorting the scraps...I tend to use them but not to make whole friends frequently raid my stash!

sewkalico said...

:-))) You are well and truly a scrap convert! Excellent stuff!

Myra said...

Wow Bec! You've laid you plans and got your work cut out for you... sort-a-speak... 8-)

I didn't know that Bonnie had a new book in the works! Cool!

Happy stitchings busy lady! 8-)

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