Monday, June 15, 2009


I was home for over a week before the sewing machine was plugged in to use. I spent time with the children and sleeping (was very tired after my days at the quilting course and my rush of sewing leading up to it).

Even though the machine wasn't going I was still doing little bits. I finally bound these placemats that are a christmas present later this year. They are made from ZaZa by Moda. Just charm squares stitched together, nothing special but they look nice.

The fabric on the back was my favourite from the range.

Last weekend I sat down and basted (Deborah Louie style basting!) this baby quilt that I recently finished. Stunning red backing.I spent time last night quilting this quilt and will hopefully finish it today, ready to bind tomorrow.
Before I put the walking foot on the machine I practiced my freemotion quilting. I am not showing it all as I tried something that I haven't tried before and it looked ok but not something to 'show' *grin*. I will be making an effort to practice my freemotion quilting regularly from now on. Actually I have renamed some of the days of the week....
Monday is Machine Applique day
Friday is Freemotion day
Can you think of any others????
I am trying to spent time on these applications on these specific days, otherwise my week runs out and it could be 2-3 weeks before something gets done! Even if it is only 5-10min spent machine appliquing or freemotioning, that small amount of time will add up.
Our slow combustion stove is going along great guns, the meals are SOOOO yummy from it. Both dh and I are enjoying it; it says it calls him to cook!
Speaking of cooking, from my quilting course I learnt about the reality 'Master Chef' tv show that is on here in Australia at present - dh finally watched it and really enjoyed it.
Anybody else watching this series?
channel ten at 7pm weeknights.


Amanda said...

Lovely fabric for your placemats. Will you be disciplined enough to stick to your 'days'? I've thought about doing that but know I'll never stick to it.

Joy said...

Bec I think I can help you out here .....
Saturday is Stitching day
Sunday is Sewing day
..... how am I doing so far?? LOLOL
Love your placemats, what delicious fabric!!!
Joy :o)

XUE said...

My 5th Grader son just tried stippling on my very basic machine & he loves it! I enjoy looking at yr works - so excitingly colourful!

Ellice said...

The photo of the stitching is intriguing, is that one of your free style stitching (it's beautiful).
I have recently began building my stash, but I have been buying fabric left, right and centre, and now I think I need to take stock, so I will join you on your 6 month ban on buying fabric, unless I need to finish a project.
sorry for the length of this note

szkornelia said...

I love your placemats. They are cheerful and pretty, the colors are really lovely. Nice work.

Cardygirl said...

Love the placemats, but particularly adore the baby quilt! Very inspiring. I think your day renames are good...I am a hand sew girl for so many things & would like to have the confidence for machine quilting or appliquing.Good luck!

Myra said...

Awesome placemats! Love the fabrics! So cheery looking! 8-)
Good for you with the machine quilting the baby quilt! I have so much quilting to do myself, but always seem to "find" something else to do instead...tis a fear thing.. 8-)
Your free-motion waves look great!
Wednesday - wonky blocks/works day?

Eileen said...

You can't beat that.. a stove that calls hubby to cook!

love the placemats. Your fabrics choices are always so wonderful.