Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brown Paint, Weddings and Swell quilt

We have been away for a while; this is why I have been quiet.
Before we left we had L paint the house (and dog) but he won't be finishing the job - just look at the awful paint job he did! He has 3 years experience - of mischief *grin*!

My sister was married in Sydney last week, at the registry office. Their planned wedding will take place in Thailand later in the year, the registry office was the legalities. It was immediate family only at this ceremony - siblings, parents, nieces/nephews; and Nan. (who recently lost Pop). That is my dh up the back, pale blue shirt, with his arms spread out. My parents on the left and my other sister and her partner next to Nan. The children WERE there, just at that photo moment they happened to be up the front with me.

The ceremony was quick but not rushed; and there were lovely gardens outside for photos by the Parramatta River. After the ceremony we had drinks at a pub and then dinner at a Thai restaurant. It was really nice. We stayed at my Nan's place and in her unit block I kept smelling delicious curries in the stairwell. DH and I ordered and shared 'red duck curry with lychees' - mmmm my mouth is still watering, should have ordered one each! I would recomend a registry office wedding after attending this one. It was lovely. quick easy and cost effective.

Our wedding present was a woollen doona - almost locally made, and well made too. We were given one for our wedding and it is fabulous - wouldn't be without it, if they don't use it I am sure it will come in handy when they have visitors. I hope they like it.

You might be wondering about the Thai connection with this wedding. B spent twelve months living in Thailand on exchange and has been back to visit since finishing uni. (where she earned a degree in asian studies). She is a Police Officer, S is self employed. My other sister is a nurse and I am the weird homeschooling/quilting one! *grin*

Here she is with her husband.

While in Sydney I finished off a quilt that was started over twelve months ago, jellystone park pattern done in Swell fabrics. I quilted it during Peg's 'Quilt 5 Challenge' that was held around June last year. The quilt still needed a label and binding. This is a special quilt. Nan has wonderful neighbours upstairs that have helped her and Pop out alot in the past decade or more; and they have been wonderful to us when we visit. S makes oh so scrumptious banana cakes, which we have been fortunate enough to have had two this year! The quilt is a thankyou to V and S for all that they have done for Nan and Pop, and us. They loved the quilt. Quilt giving is so pleasurable. Here is the finished quilt on Nan's balcony.

and on her loungeroom floor. Don't mind it being all rumpled, I didn't iron it nor did I take extra time to straighten it on the floor. If you have been in a two bedroom flat with five young children you will understand why! Love those colours.

Speaking of colours, it's a funny thing. When the Swell range first came the blue rose print was my absolute favourite but now the yellow rose print has taken it's place. I still love the blue one, just have more preference for the yellow one at the moment. I wonder if this will be the same in twelve months time?????


Amanda said...

What a pretty quilt, I'm sure your friends loved it. What's a doona?

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I'm with Amanda; what's a doona???

Love the quilt and I'm sure the recipients are happy with it. Lucky for your grandma to have such helpful friendly neighbours.

You DS is a beautiful bride :^)

Kate said...

The quilt turned out beautifully, and such a lovely pressie!

Anita said...

love the quilt! I am in love with the yellow rose Swell fabric too! I managed to get and end of bolt piece from a shop, was very excited about that LOL