Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Appropriate!

How appropriate is the name of my blog. So many times I have been tempted to use a variation of it for a post title to reflect how things have been but it would be a bit repeatititve!

While away I searched for a chair to do my sewing on. I have been wanting a chair for nearly 7 years now but have kept putting it off for one reason or another. The time has finally come. I need better back support for the time spent at the machine these days. I was appalled at the price and quality of chairs. having waited so long I wanted something that would last as long as possible. (I also wanted a seat that would tilt) I searched high and low and could not find anything under AU$230. Not what I wanted to spend at all. It was almost by chance that I got what I was after. We were driving about Canberra picking up bits and pieces in Fishwyck for dh to do some electrical work for his brother when we spotted a warehouse selling ex-govt office furniture. There were so many chairs it was overwhelming, so I only looked up one row and easily found what I was after. My new sewing chair is is excellent condition and only cost us AU$30! (yes, it has a tilt seat too!). Now that is more the price I wanted to pay. At that price I don't mind if it falls to bits in five years time. But price isn't everything. It is FABULOUS to sit in. I love it!

Prior to being away, it was pincushion madness here. All of these pincushions have been made from the pinsuchion BOM from Quilt Fabric Delights. Most are by Leanne Beasley (whom I will be meeting next weekend *grin*) and the handbag one is by Melly & Me. It's not perfect, but it is finished!

Here is the start of another one by Leanne.

I have also finished my Time for Tea swap and it is in the mail. I will share pic's when it has arrived. I can share this though.

Stephanie Loft Creations organised the Time for Tea swap sent me this in the mail to say thankyou for participating. WOW! I was blown away. What a BUSY BUSY bee she has been. This is the back of the gorgeous hanging, there is a pouch with a tea bag sachet in it! How cool is that! THANKYOU Stephanie!

Since arriving home I have been working on this..... take to the Girls Day Out in the Country, being held at Nundle by Kerry, Cottage on the Hill. hoping to finish it in time, as I also have a birthday present to make. You see the day of the GDOITC is my mums birthday, and she is coming with me and her sister to GDOITC. Not sure how I will get a cake there for her as we are all travelling together...... might have to call the pub we are staying at to organise something. mmmm

I am getting more and more excited about GDOITC. I have been waiting for this since last years GDOITC; it all sounded so wonderful to attend from reading the blogs. Emails have been flying back and forth the past week, filling up my inbox and building my excitement. How many days to go???? 8 sleeps. stitcheries, applique and punchneedle...... and OTHER QUILTERS! WoooHooo! *grin* You can tell I don't get out too often, especially to do something like this.

Now, I think all these new posts should keep everyone happy for a day or two at least! *grin*

I have had emails and phone calls (both first and second hand) to find out where I have been.

It's nice to be missed. THANKS! (((hugs))) Bec xxx

PS and THANKYOU so much for all your comments. I love reading them and try to reply to them all but don't always get there.


Stephanie said...

You've been a busy bee. So happy you like your little teahouse. They were a pleasure to make. Oh how fun to have a girl's retreat. They are such fun! ENJOY and be sure to share with the rest of us when you get back.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You are going to enjoy the retreat so much Bec! Remember to take lots of pics to share on the blog, okay?

Love those pincushions too!

Catherine said...

Woo have been producing, lucky you!! Have a great time at will have a ball!!! Cathyx

Chookyblue...... said...

looking forward to meeting you in Nundle.........

Kate said...

Congrats on finding the "perfect" chair :-) You've certainly been very busy!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice to see you have a good chair, love the pincushions...and you have been busy Bec..

Eileen said...

What adorable pincushions.. they look so cute stacked up there on your new comfortable chair. And the bag is pretty! Love that fabric.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your quilt outing.

And I wanted to say THANK you for the Tea Swap presents. They came today.. and I am happy with everything! I'm posting about it on my blog today. I'm glad I finally get to sign your blog.. now that the secret swap is over. :-)