Monday, February 16, 2009

Recipe Binder Cover

This afternoon I made a folder cover for a gift, pretty much winged it from using this 'Quilts'n'More' magazine pattern and from looking at journal cover Kim made for me. Neither were the right size, hence the 'winging'.
The spots on the main fabric are a little hard to see in the picture, so I put them below. Fabulous looking fabrics together however not advised for people like my Nan who gets dizzy looking at spots and stripes.

Something else to cross off my list. I have about two weeks to quilt'n'bind another quilt, finish my Time for Tea swap, make a table runner, piece a sewing bag and make a bag. These are my MUST DOs. My WISH TO DO list is about a mile long.... wishing I could get time to work on this list, sigh, maybe next month????
How do you keep track of where you are up to?
I am a list person and seem to have piles of lists for thousands of things. A list didn't work for my seing projects so this year I wrote up a calander for my sewing projects to keep me on track and so far so good. I have a box for each month and written in that box is what I HAVE to get done. Birthday presents are written up at least a month before they are needed and I have the christmas gifts spread throughout the year. So many times, yes it is only early in the year yet, I have been just longing to work on something else but my list and deadlines have kept me working on what needs to be done; and I am glad for it as I can see what I am achieving instead of a hundred partially finished things.
In answer to some questions about the quilting on the Rosez quilt in the previous post; I used the herringbone type stitch on all the seams, though not over the applique. If I didn't use this stitch I would have stitched in the ditch before doing my diagonals. I also used straight stitch to quilt around the appliques, drove me in circles! No, I didn't hand quilt it. The block I diagonally quilted the wrong way is kinda hard to see in the pic I posted, it is near the applique and is an edge block. It wasn't too noticable so I left it - adds more character! *grin* Like Lisa Boyer would say 'that dorky homemade look'!
For those homeschoolers out there who read my blog I am posting about homeschooling in the next few days.


Sarah said...

Hey Bec!
I was wondering about you today!! You have been busy havent you??!! That binder cover is too cute and that quilt for your Aunt is gorgeous!!
x Sarah

Stephanie said...

I've made many journal covers using that pattern. Love the recipe cover idea...perhaps I'll try to wing it too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of these binder/journal covers. Makes things very personal. As you know I too am a list person but you are just SUPER organised with your little project box. We could all take some lessons from you. Miss Organisation...... xx

MYRA said...

A great binder cover Bec! 8-)
I don't keep lists really, I just grab a UFO, WIP, PHD out of my porject baskets and get to it. Eventually I get things done! 8-)
When I am making something special for someone, with a due date I do pretty good... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Bec...I am in love with those journals...must get some time to make some. Am looking forward to meeting you at Nundle.
Kind Regards