Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crossing them off the list

I have finished this bag for a christmas gift. It is a special gift as the recipient had breast cancer a while back and I used 'Cause' fabrics that from Honeysuckle Cottage; I think Cottage on the Hill has them too. I wanted to decorate the bag but as the print I used was so busy it proved challenging, UNTIL I recieved the flower yo-yo maker in the mail from Quilt Fabric Delights that I needed to make my secret santa gift for the Christmas day at Cottage on the Hill.

I put a pocket on the inside. Shopping bags are great with pockets. (Sorry about the pic, when I loaded them the picture went sideways and I have no idea how to turn it back)

Here is another view of the cushion for my grandparents, designed by Lynette Anderson. Lynette has designed some fabrics that Henry Glass is releasing and they have posted an interview with her on their blog, well worth reading.

I have finished my little replacement gifts for Ale, and will be posting them to Australia, YES AUSTRALIA. She is arriving in Perth next week to visit her aunt for about a month! I will post a pic once she has recieved her parcel. and a BIG THANKYOU to Deb who also sent Ale something after her parcel got stolen, thankyou DEB!

If Only I Had Chocolate is having a Christmas giveaway.

Down to Earth has a great post about homecooking today.
Definately have a look at Sarah's quilt that she made in Kerry's workshop in Tassie on the weekend, just gorgeous!

Fat Quarter Shop has Tanya Whelan's new range Darla in stock. I have designed a quilt to make from this range but have decided to keep my money for the time being. I am hoping that a retailer in Australia will stock this range next year. It is reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940s....gorgeous! *sigh* It's hard learning patience!

Why am I keeping my money???? I am following Dave Ramsey's babysteps. Basically he encourages paying off debt; avoiding debt, credit cards; and paying cash. Dave has a few books out, but the main two are Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover. Not everything is relevant to Australia as Dave is American, for instance the healthcare system. You can download a free 1 hour podcast 5 days a week, and I listen to this when I iron (hehehe gets some of the ironing done!). Listening and seeing the link to his site on my blog sidebar is helping me stay focused and on track.

My clever 8yr old did most of the milking yesterday! Everything was ready to start only I was still down at the chook yards filling up water dishes when I heard the milking machine start. By the time I got up to the cattle yards ds8yrsold was waiting for me to tip the milk into the bottles and wash out the machine. How proud was I that he managed a job well done! Gosh, he even relayed to me how he checked the udder make sure Abbey was fully milked out, *grin*. he was so excited too, as he has been wanting to do the milking by himself for a while now.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love your pink fabrics! That bag is great...and I do love bags!

The pillow is nice too...Lynette's designs are always lovely.

What a wonderful helper you have, milking the cows all by himself! I'm sure he was glowing all day long thinking how proud you are of him!


Sarah said...

What a productive post!!!

Good on your 8yo. Gosh it is nice when they start helping!

Ginger Patches said...

Wow milking cows--I'm impressed :) I love your stitchery pillow--beautiful!!

Sarah said...

Your bag looks fantastic Bec - I am sure the lady will love it!! Have fun at the gathering today xx
x Sarah
PS: Your cushion looks beautiful

Penny The Patchwork Anglel said...

Just love what you have done with the Rainbow Cottage cushion. So very special and so special to appreciate our family!
The Patchwork Angel