Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rainbow Cottage Cushion

I have finished my cushion for my grandparents, wooo hooo!
The wool is actually a navy blue and looks fabulous with the main cushion fabric, well I think so anyway!
Some of my stitching could be improved on, for instance I can't do french knots or colonial knots; so I improvise to get something that resembles them. I also don't own the wavy scissors that Lynette used on her cushion so my waves aren't so even, this wasn't so easy to do freehand.
I really enjoyed making this cushion and would recomend it. Kim is putting together something special over at Honeysuckle Cottage for Lynette's Rainbow Cottage book (beautiful book and projects); for the new year I suspect. Contact her for further details.....
I am so thrilled to see all the comments coming in for my giveaway! *big grin* Keep 'em coming!
I love reading about what you are making, and totally understand to those who can't share what they are making. (secret squirrel, secret squirrel)
Tonight I am hoping to get some more done on my Secret Santa present for Kerry's Christmas day and my Sweet Bliss quilt. mmmmm my christmas stitching list is slowly getting there. *grin*
Now, off to milk the cow and put dinner on; for a dear hubby who has been working long hours lately.


Lynette Anderson said...

The cushion for your grandparents is just lovely, I love how you have adapted the places for the personal details.
Yes, Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage does have a fun thing planned for Rainbow Cottage, I think maybe a club or something fun.

Stina said...

Love your cushion...:o)
They are going to be sooo happy!!! :o)

Stephanie said...

A beautiful gift your grandparents will treasure.

Maree said...

Your Cushion is lovely and I'm sure your Grandparents will Adore it.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Bec, don't be so hard on yourself - you did a BEAUTIFUL job on this cushion!! It's so lovely, your grandparents will be thrilled. :-)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Your grandparents will be thoroughly delighted with your stitchery that you've made for them; it turned out great!

Guðrún said...

It is beautiful. They will treasure this I am sure.

Catherine said...

Your cushion looks beautiful. Im sure your grandparents will treasure it!! Cathy