Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recent Stitching Adventures

I have finally cut all my Ginger Blossom FQs and have them mostly stitched together. I am making 'Sassy Sixteen' quilt pattern with them. Normally I try to have some some of pattern or arrangement in my fabrics/quilts but this time I could not be bothered with the worry of sorting them all out and rearranging; I just wanted to get stitching! So dd 5 yrs put them into a random pile (with some of my help so I didn't end up four fabrics all together!) so I cold get stitching. I'm a little nervous awaiting the final result of my scrappy look quilt, but excited too!

I also cut out the Sheep Quilt for ds-almost3yrs. lovely colours in this one. Kookaburra Cottage. dd6.5yrs sorted out the squares last night so I was able to stitch together the first stage of the nine patches. I will press these this morning and hopefully finish putting this quitl together today, apart from the applique. I am making the quilt a bit bigger, by one set of ninepatches wider and taller (terminology???). I would like it to be a bit bigger again but have no more of the wheat pinstripe left.

Late last week I worked on my christmas ornament for Christine of Aunties Quaint Quilts http://auntiesquaintquilts.blogspot.com/ . This is an ornament swap that was on Sarah's blog http://sarahsprimtreasures.blogspot.com/ . I have most of it done, but need some help with a final stage. I hope Christine likes it; this is my first swap.

Can anyone tell me how to post hidden? links instead of keying out the whole web address???

I am still halfway through quilting 'Happy Days' in Fresh Cut fabrics. procrastinating a bit here; mostly due to not feeling like I am doing the quilt justice with my quilting. So rather than rush through and be unhappy forever I am leaving it until the deisre to quilt it comes; I am expecting to be at it again in the next week.
Bec xxx


Nancy said...

Links - When you are posting, highlight the words you want to link from and click on the oval with the green circle behind it. It's between the "quotes" and the Italic i. A box will show up and you add the link to it. I have a spam filter so I have to click to "temporarily allow" the link box to work.

Chookyblue...... said...

I like the ginger blossoms fabrics and I am pleased you enjoyed my pics from the quilt show.......

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy girl. Love these fabrics and the pattern. Can't wait to see it finished. I've got to make my daughter a quilt and I'm stewing about what pattern. Maybe fence & rail.
Love your quilt show photos too. Coonamble Quilt show was just gorgeous.