Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quilt Show

On the weekend I went to my first quilt show. It was only a small but great to see all the quilts - mostly large! - and different ideas.

The first quilt in the pictures was made by the craft guild and is their raffle quilt, stunning colours. dh really liked the tumbling blocks quilt but didn't like the yellow in it.

The Noahs Ark quilt was made by a boy (his mum is a quilter) and has been featured in Australian Homespun; sorry I didn't take notice of which issue. Not sure of his age, maybe about 12???

The cream quilt with the big star is an Amish quilt that was bought in the US by a local. As expected stunning handquilting on this one....

In fact ALL the applique was outstanding - I need some help with my needleturn, it's atrocious!

In the corner of one picutre is a shaggy quilt; this is what I made my mum for her birthday and forgot to label it and take a final picture - that's how late it was getting to her! I will remedy this one visit.

Sorry about the quality of the photos; silly silly me didn't check the camera and it was on action setting......

oh dear, will have to put some of these pictures in another post. :-) Bec xxx

PS i just saw chookyblues blog and she went to a quilt show too, a much bigger one. Lovely photos chookyblue!

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