Monday, April 28, 2008

Quilt Labels

I am feeling very pleased with the label I made on the weekend for 'Kitty Cucumber' quilt. It was my first time using the alphabet stitching feature on the machine, and I didn't read the instructions for it..., and despite not being perfect I am still pretty stoked about the result. Definately much quicker than my handstitching!

I was inspired to make my own after watching Leanne Beasley on a dvd ages ago (old edition of Australian Homesun I think was the the magazine). The accompanying magazine had numerous designs by her for labels.
How do you label your quilts? Could you post a picture/pictures on your blog and leave me a comment so I can see some other labels??? thanks so much!


Ginger Patches said...

Your label is sooo cute! It turned out great. I'm afraid labels are not my strong point...I have labels all planned and written out in a little sketch book but not very many have made it onto my quilts yet...only the quilts that have been given away have labels and I don't think I ever thought to take a picture of the label....sorry no help from me :(

Carin said...

Great labels! I need to brave the alphabet on my machine.

Sarah said...

Hey Bec!
Love you label!! Well done!! I only use little panel thingys for labels myself. I have the patterns for those Leanne Beasley ones you talked about - maybe one day i will do them.
Sarah xx
PS: I am making for you in the ornie swap xx

Sonnja said...

Your label is lovely.
My label that I make is of Beertje Zonn Quilt can you see on my blog.
Also my siggy.
Kind regards

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn