Thursday, May 15, 2008

mixed bag

I have now read the first six books of the Elm Creek Quilts series. I really wanted to take my time with these books to make them last, but ummm they were too good! I read them over a period of about a week. HIGHLY recomended! Can't wait to read the last six now. Busting to read them! before I got hooked on quilting I was an avid reader, reading all the time.
Instead of cooking dinner I would be reading. On my RDOs from work (before children) I would spend ALL day reading and barely take time to eat. Now that I have children things are different and I don't get to read near as much but have managed to sneak in alot more reading time than I thought possible. I read over breakfast and lunch. Not dinner though, that is more family time with dh for that meal, not that the other meals aren't family time - I do gets LOTS of interruptions! I have fond memories of staying at my grandparents and being able to read at the table (usually breakfast) without being scolded; hehehe my Nana and Uncle Bob were reading their paperback cowboy books right alongside me. Mind you, it can be a slow start to the day depending on how riveting the book is!

I haven't blogged for a while because I have been sick, again/still. Didn't properly recover from the sinus infection I had a while back. In fact I haven't been properly well since I had my appendix out just before christmas. last week I spent four and half days in hospital on IV antibiotics to clear up and infection. Turned out to be a low grade throat infection. I left hopsital in December minus my appendix but with a throat infection. Obviously the penicillan they gave me then didn't clear it up completely. I can only hope that this is the raod to recovery for me. It is really hard juggling everything not feeling the best.
While in hospital I did get some stitching done. I didn't think I would be able to, neither did one of the RNs. I finished stitching the binding on the Kitty Cucumber quilt (a few posts back) and appliqued most of the flowers onto the HappyDays quilt top (hatched and patched). Doing the applique was easiest as I had the quilt top in my hand quilting frame and my 'drip' arm anchored the frame on my lap, much easier than trying hold onto something with this hand!

I have so much sewing to catch up on it seems.
Top of my priority list is to quilt some quilts, to see if I can finish 3??? more for the Barraba Potters and Craft Guild Quilt Show that is on the long weekend in June. 7th 8th 9th June, open from 10am in the main street of Barraba at the Clay Pan opposite BP petrol station.

I have my son sewing again too. He is 7years old and is making a cushion/basket for the kittens we have. half grown kittens actually. They like to sleep on the verandah and it's getting cold outside - I keep finding the cats on ds's bed so I suggested this basket/cushion. He is rapt about making it. I will post a picture when he is finished, probably tomorrow?????

I saw on Cinderberry Stitches blog yesterday that she is expecting - Congratulations Natalie, what exciting news!
I love babies....... My children would love another baby and keep asking. I have five children. DH and I aren't sure if we will be having anymore, wait and see. LOL to be honest, he would prefer not to! They grow up far too quickly.

I am looking forward to seeing the end product of Club Quilt Narromines log cabin round robin quilts. A wonderful concept. Each quilter makes their own centre block, most were embroidered, and they go into a brown paper bag and get passed around week by week, with everybody piecing one border onto the quilt before passing it on. Its all hush hush so the quilt owner has a surprise when they are finished and presented.
That club does some wonderful projects, very inspirational reading their blog. Well done Peg for the job you do keeping the blog up to date! (Peg is Happy in Quilting on my blog list)

It looks like all the girls who went to Girls Day Out in the Country at Nundle had a fabulous time. I am full of longing to attend something like that; maybe later in the year?????

Homeschooling. this is going on quite well in spite of my ill health. The children work hard with maths and english (mostly learnign to read and write at their ages). A nurse in hopsital asked me about homeschooling. She thought it was wonderful and said that her and her siblings were taught correspondance by a governess. They would do extra work on some days so they could attend musters and other such things on the farm. She had fond memories of growing up this way and suggested that I should wish for a governess! I said I would much prefer a cook, housekeeper and gardener! Don't get me wrong here, I don't mind doing these things but to have an extra pair or two of hands to help would be oh so good!

Next post I will have some pictures to post for everyone.
cheers, Bec

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Lynne in Hawaii said...

I sure hope of are truly on the mend. Nothing worse than when things go on for long periods of time. At least you were able to do some stitching while out of commission. Take care and get well!