Monday, April 28, 2008

Next one ready to quilt

I have my next all pinned ready to quilt. It is called Ten Cents and I bouhgt it as a kit in the Strawberry Lemonade fabrics, they are so yummy. and bright. and just so nice! I am planning to use this as a picnic rug for us.
I just haven't started this one yet as I want to finish piecing the main section for 'Sweet Janice' quilt which I am doing in 'Bliss' fabrics. Once I have the blocks finished on goes the walking foot.
Tell me, when you are quilting do you use a quilting table on your sewing machine? anything next to you to help hold the quilt? a quilting frame? Do you work on an open table or with a wall on one side of your table? I am all intrigued about how this is done by everyone.
oh, and THANKYOU Fiona at DragonflyCrafts for the blog about 'Dorky Homemade Quilts' . I love her blog and can't wait to read her books. Keep us posted Fiona as to your review on the books please!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

I just have my machine on a table...I do not my machine bed level with the table top. This is very cumbersome but hope some time in the future to get the adjust one that fits my machine. I have in the past had a sewing machine cabinet and having the sewing bed level is so nice. Makes it easier to move the fabric sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bec for the compliment.
So pleased you emailed me.
So your new to blogging?
I'll definately add you to my fav list.
Chat again soon
Hugs Fiona