Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Christmas Club at Honeysuckle Cottage

Honeysuckle Cottage is running a Christams Club this year. You get a christams project each month except December when Kim sends you something to open christmas day. Each month the maximum cost is $29.95.

The first project is a needlescase. Mine is almost finished. If I wasn't so stupid as to not put in a seam allowance when I cut and stitched the heart pocket for the scissors I would have it finished. I have been procrastinating re-doing this for over two months now. Once I have the heart pocket on it just needs binding. To tell the truth when I first got this project I wasn't sure what I thought, not being much of a handstitcher. I really really enjoyed putting this together though and am thoroughly pleased with my work. I enjoyed the stitching so much and had been watching Sarah at working on Truly Scrumptious that I signed up to do Truly Scumptious as BOM (see older posts).

The second project are Table Toppers by Hatched and Patched (I am a fan, have you guessed???). I have not gotten very far with these, mostly due to being away and sick on and off. They are thoroughly gorgeous though!

The third project is a wallhanging. Mine is ready to be machine appliqued, yep procrastinating again! Will look very nice when done.

The most recent project arrived late last week and are christmas tags. Wonderful idea. You will have to wait for a picture on these, sorry. I haven't even started them, though do hope to get to them soon. I am planning to use them for tree decorations for our family. I should have materials left over to make more but haven't thought any further yet.
I thought I would put on my half done works, as waiting for them to be finished to show off an take a while, and I need to motivate myself a bit more!


mellyandrosie said...

Yay - the Christmas club!! I think you should get mt installment in July. Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my studio! I am definately thinking of the cord board thing and the kids are fine with loosing their room since it meant loft beds with room for their toys underneath - nothing like a bit of bridery!!! heeehheee. Welcome to blogsville too!!

Kim said...

Hey Bec, thanks for the wonderful post. Your goodies are looking great. I can't wait to see them all finished. So many wonderful designs from the most amazing designers. We are very lucky indeed. x x