Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Day Stitching

Iwas able to finish off my Truly Scrumptious block this morning while the children were reading to me. I am doing mine in Simplicity fabrics, not ShangraLa like most BOMers.

Then after lunch I was able to finish piecing 'Kitty Cucumber'. It looks pretty wrinkly in the picture but really isn't. I couldn't hang it outside for a photo due to wind; and was in a rush to get it off the floor before little feet came tramping through!

On a roll, so I have the christmas club 2008 March project half together, will post a picture of this another day.
off to stitch in front of the telly, Bec xxx


Sylvia said...

Hi Bec,
I am also doing the Truly Scrumptious Quilt using Simplicity fabrics, yours looks fantastic I am still waiting for the jelly rolls to be delivered.
Have you changed any of the DMC colours?

Carin said...

Your little quilt is darling! I understand about "little feet"

Stina said...

Your block is wonderful in Simplicitys fabrics...love it...

Sarah said...

Hey Bec!
Thanx for visiting my blog! LOVE your TS blocks - they look great using the simplicity fabrics!!
Look forward to seeing all your updates
Sarah x

Bec said...

Hi Sylvia,
No I haven't changed any of the DMC colours. I did consider it but then decided to see how it would go, and I think it looks fine. Would love to see yours when you start putting it together please let know your blog or post a comment so I can email you to see some pics.
Bec xxx