Friday, April 4, 2008

My newest projects

I haven't done any sewing since being away. It has been far far too long. I started back last night. late last night! betime, well it was more like early morning to bed. I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I strting piecing my Kitty Cucumber quilt that I am making for one of my daughters.

Also to finish piecing this month is the Ten Cents quilt done in Strawberry Lemonade fabrics.

Kim from recently sent me (upon my order of course!) a kit for Georgia's quilt (by Leanne Beasley) - the fabrics are just to die for. I have a recent fettish for pastel flowers. I have put the fabrics in a photo to show you what Kim and the girls picked out. Hoping to cut it out over the weekend.

I put a picture of my work desk so you can see that I HAVE started back on my projects. You might be able to spot in the picture that I have been pondering Anni's Homespun project 'Mill Flower' quilt, I am thinking of a pastel blue flowery background to the blocks (seeing this is flavour of the month!) but haven't decided any further. When this project gets closer I will take a trip to Honeysuckle Cottage and take my time choosing some fabrics. I almost always buy online so this is a big deal to me, being isolated and having five children with me when I am out and about usually keeps me out of the fabric shops. DH (electrician) has to fix a light for my aunt, who lives only a few blocks from Kim's place - so I shall have babysitters and the opportunity!
Today I had to go to town for groceries and came across this great bag. It has separate (half clear) pockets for different projects and the bag opens out fat to accomodate numerous projects. This is just what I need, as I have been trying to stuff (not really stuff) too many projects into my DMC large travel bag. Now I can spread them out between the two bags.
I need to get moving on my BOMs, in particular Butterfly Garden and Christmas Club.
oh, and I have discovered something wonderful. I was speaking to Kerry from the other day and have ordered a cutting mat cleaner from her. She said they are marvellous things and people can't believe how well her cutting mats look, especially with the amount of cutting she would do. I think they are just under $30, and are reusable.
Kim showed me her quilting machine the other day when I visited, it is a HusqvarnaViking MegaQuilter and is absolutely amazing. I think my machine needs a friend! It will have to wait a while though - I really think I need to actually quilt a quilt first! I have numerous tops together but don't seem to get them basted or quilted. Maybe this has something to do with the time involved with basting and having so many little ones around???? Remember I have five children between 7 yrs old and 1 yr old.... They are wonderful children though and I love them very much. The older two have made a dolls quilt each, yes even ds. He is quite good with a needle.


Carin said...

I love that bag and the colors on it are fab!
I have been on a bright colors trip for a while but seeing your beautiful pastels I am thinking my next project MUST be pastel.

Stina said...

Seems you found a perfect it...and the colours are...WOW!
Love to see the progress of your work with thoose patterns...they are on my to do list too...;D