Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy Evening

What was planned to be an early dinner, reading in bed for the children and sewing for me has only just happened, now at 10pm. The plans went out the window when the neighbour rang to say our bull was over there. DH spent about two hours bringing the bull home - he wanted to stay. Then I helped him move the bull to another paddock by driving the truck with some hay to entice him to move along a bit easier. Another two hours gone.
So it was 8pm when we got home. I spent an hour washing up with the children while dinner was cooking, then we ate at nine. Now we have hung out the washing, bathed, tidied the kitchen and are all ready to collapse.
Except me. I still have to iron dh's work clothes for tomorrow. Next week I am going to see about getting an ironing lady to help me catch up. I had my appendix out the week before christmas and nobody helped with my ironing for 8 weeks while I was recovering. As you can imagine there are nearly two basket fulls. Our ironing consists of dh's work clothes and our good (town) clothes, so it could be alot worse than it is. :-)

One thing I did decide on this morning (while the two older kids put the cow out so we could milk tonight) was the pattern I am going to use with my Ginger Blossom FQ bundle to make a quilt. I am going to use 'Sassy Sixteen' - from http://www.thefatquartershop.com .
We got lots of schoolwork done today, more than I write up for a normal day (I expect a lot). Everyone was happy. Except the baby (14months) he was a bit grumpy today, getting some eye teeth so maybe this was why he was a bit out of sorts????

Tomorrow should be a GREAT day; as I am expecting a parcel in the mail from Kim http://www.honeysucklecottage.com.au and it is full of lots of goodies, most bought on her February 29th 30% off sale.
Butterfly Garden http://www.honeysucklecottage.com.au/shop/product_info.php?cPath=4&products_id=5331 block two arrived on Monday. I have it cut and ready to piece tonight ..... or tomorrow - forgot about the ironing. Will get it stitched over the weekend or next week. It's a great BOM as it has bits of everything in it; piecing, embroidery and applique. I am doing my applique by machine and it looks fantastic, much better than my crummy old blanket stitch by hand!

Speaking of machines. I DID improve with my machine quilting the other day - thankyou to everyone for help and encouragement via comments and phone. I will definately get a practice piece before I do a big quilt. Thankfully this one was only a doll quilt and doing a top job wasn't too important, though I would have preferred too. It looks ok though. I will photograph and post it soon.

What other news? I ordered some wadding from Kerry http://www.cottageonthehill.com.au and found out she sells cutter blade sharpeners AND cutting mat cleaners. They both sound terrific and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

best go iron those clothes ;-)


Carin said...

Oh how I hate to iron clothes! I make my DH so hi sown and that is about all that gets ironed around here. If it can't be wash and wear we don't own it :O)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well you must get your self that ironing lady.....you did have a busy night....Kerry at Cottage on the Hill is just fantastic she has some great kits as well. Bec thanks so much for your very kind email you sent, I think you are doing a great job on your blog and I hope you are enjoying blogland.