Sunday, March 9, 2008

Feeling discouraged with quilting.....

I have only hand quilted two quilts, ever and machine quilted none. I have a number of quilts waiting to be basted and quilted, I have been waiting for my new machine to these. Now I have the machine, but I have lost almost all confidence this morning. I put 'Lollie's' quilt under the machine to machine quilt it (six days till birthday for my dd) and boy is it terrible. Odd stitch lengths, little stitches jutting where they aren't meant to be and it. is. hard. Harder than I imagined anyway.

Today might be a bad day to try too. I have a few two year old messes to clean up, a ton of milk bottles to wash ( we milk our cow), a terribly messy house to clean up (half done), our other house to start on for cleaning (we are building and living between two buildings, fun fun fun!), a mountain of ironing, a yard to be mowed, some spraying to be done to plant callistemons next month... and about a milion other things to do. mmmm one thing at a time I think.

A positive note - I did Lollie's hair this morning and it has come up nicely. back to finish off her little quilt.

My sister, whom I am making the 'Lotus/Latte' bag for just got engaged!



Linda said...

Bec, from the looks of your photo you're trying to meander. My suggestion is to sandwich a 12 inch block of muslin with the type of batting you have in the quilt, and practise, practise, practise. You'll find the stitch length has to do with speed, a steady, not too fast speed to start with.
Take a deep breathe, have a cuppa, and go back to it when you feel calmer.

Carin said...

Linda is totally right practice on something else for a little while. Also you can draw with a pencil just freehand some meandering it helps get the juices flowing. :O) Have fun!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Linda is right Bec...take your time, I can remember when I first started to 'meander' I actually used pen and paper to get the shape/design in my head, it worked for will get there, don't give up.