Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday and this morning I cut and stitched block 2 for Butterfly Garden. I have dd-almost5's Lollie doll almost finished, just have to stitch both shoe straps on. The quilt is done. mmmm no bassinet yet though. I was too tired to sit at the machine tonight to make it. We have been out visiting my mum all day.

Mum went to Honeysuckle Cottage last week and had a fabulous time. She showed me her purchases today. A lovely stitchery kit from Bronwyn Hayes - new on the market, 'Christmas Club' and some patterns for stitchery items.

I stitched some of Truly Scrumptious tonight, while watching/listening to tv. I saw the 'Klipfast' frame on Cinderberry Stiches blog and bought one. I have to say that when I recieved it I felt a bit dissapointed, pvc pipe was all it was. Now after having used it; I LOVE IT! Much easier to use than the round hoop ones I have previously used, and the fabric is fairly tight in it. The one I have isn't big enough for all of the Truly Scrumptious blocks so I may be ordering a large one in the future, for ease of stitching these blocks.

Prior to starting 'Butterfly Garden' I was not an embroiderer. I am really enjoying it now.

It is pretty late now, till tomorrow;



Tina said...

Hi Bec, I discovered your blog through Bloom & Blossom - lovely to read about your daily happenings. I'll definitely be visiting often.

DAWNIE said...

Bec, I too saw the Klipfast frame on Natalie's blog and of course just had to have one. Just love all of her designs. I too was surprised to see it was only PVC, but it holds the material tight as a drum and I really like it - is good seeing square for the straight lines especially and to see the overall picture.