Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was lucky enough to win one of Kerry's scrap bags from when she cleaned up her sewing area. Beautiful fabrics, and they are great cuts to do something with, not very scrappy at all! Thanks so much Kerry!

This is what happens when you leave NEW and UNUSED threads on the coffee table....the 3 yr old unravels them and sucks on them....

I won these beautiful flannel FQS at GDITC at Nundle last month.

I need some ideas on what to do with them.
Not sure if I want to add ANOTHER quilt to my list....but a snuggly quilt is all I can think of to use flannels for.

Kerry sent me samples for the rest of the range to help me decide. the tonal red on the left also comes in cream, pink and two greens.
ANY IDEAS to help me out????


Kylie said...

Yuk soggy threads lol. Love your scrap bag fabrics and your flannel fqs are yum.

Kerry said...

How lucky you have been with two wins! A shaggy quilt would be lovely with those flannels, and even better, it wouldn't need to be quilted. Lovely and cuddly, ready for winter!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Bec! Ooohh!! Love those flannels!! Yep ... I reckon a shaggy quilt. I'd add some red and green spots, one of the cream background with big flowers prints and a black background with big flowers. Red, green,black and cream would look really classy ... and snuggly! :0) Have fun! Bear Hugs! KRIS