Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Piecing and Pressing

Busy pressing.

Busy sorting projects.

Busy piecing.

Busy piling up my quilting to do.

Oh dear, look at those tops tucked away in there....and I know there are a couple of tops not in the picture...yikes!
I have decided that next month is quilting month for me.
Last week I knew I had 12 tops to quilt. Then I had a piecing frenzy and now have... um... another 8! It's not as bad as it seems as most of the 8 are small quilts.
I don't intentionally drought and flood my posts, but since I last posted my daughter has had measles, we have been on a couple of family outings and if I stop sewing to use the computer the momentem is lost. I have also cleaned out the cupboard again and will be posting a for sale list next post. In a few months I will have some quilts to sell, and would love some recomendations on whether to post them here for sale, go to a local market, open an etsy shop or a website. I won't have heaps of quilts to sell, but over 6-12months it will be a few. It won't be something I will do a big scale, just something I don't mind doing every now and then.
On another topic, what covers your ironing board???
I am tossing up purchasing a good thick ironing board cover or making my own. There was a pattern in the recent Australian Homespun magazine.
Any thoughts???


Cardygirl said...

Lots of busy-ness at your place! I have just bought a new ironing board cover- a thick linen blend with screenprinted dragonflies...nicely padded too. i saw the one in the mag...pretty but lots of work.

Tereasa said...

You sewing room looks alot like mine...stuff everywhere. Me too,I thought about making the iron board cover...I love it...this months Homespun had lots of wonderful projects I have added to my to do list.

Kayly said...

Woo Hoo! Someone with more unfinished projects than me. Thank heavens for that. I don't feel so guilty now. Thanks Bec. ;-)

Kylie said...

Heck Bec look at all those quilt tops and i thought I was bad having three tops unfinished and now you have made another 8 - I am very impressed.

Lynn said...

I'm impressed with how much you've organized your sewing to be done. I'm afraid to do that, I have so much to do, if I'd piled it all up I'd feel overwhelmed. One project at a time for me right now and I try not to look at my piles.
Last year I made an ironing board cover. You can take a look, it was a blog post from April 23, 2009. Because I didn't have a pattern, I took my old one apart and used that as a pattern with some insul-bright as a batting.

Julia said...

Oh my gosh Bec...your so busy, busy!
One project at a time'll get there!
Julia ♥

Lynda said...

Busy seems inadequate to describe what you've been up to! Lots of finishes coming up.

Ginger Patches said...

Good luck with your quilting...I do the same thing--pile up the flimsies :) Every time I decide to quilt I suddenly have an inspiration that just must be pieced immediately lol!! So when do we get to see some of those tops from your frenzy?? I don't know what to tell you about the ironing board, I always plan on making one and them end up buying it with a coupon at Jo Ann's lol!!

Sarah said...

WOw you have been busy!

I think off the quilts on here then have market stall then see what you have left.

I made a simple ironing board cover. Just the shape of the ironing board (using thick material) then fold round the edges and thread through it to tighten and hold well to the board. HAve padding underneath - works GREAT.

DAWNIE said...

Hi Bec - yes agreed last month's homespuns was great and I too liked the idea of the ironing board cover - great way to use up some of the fabric re-vitalise the "daggy" one that I am using at the moment.

Janice said...

You make me tired just looking at all your work. Selling some quilts sounds like a great idea if you want to keep making them at such a rate of knots. I've no idea what will be the best method though.
I like the look of the ironing board cover in Homespun. My only thought was how does the quilting lines affect a smooth result when ironing? Would it be better just with the design feature where you sit the iron? Meanwhile, I just buy my covers and dream of having a go next time I need a new one.