Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday is Times Gone By

Reproduction Fabrics.
Birds in the Air block.
Signal Quilt.

Sound familiar to Elm Creek Quilts fans???

LMF has been set aside for the time being and I have started making the small Birds in the Air quilt that Gerda made when they had to change their signal quilt.

I am using Charleston V fabrics by Judie Rothermeal.

Not sure if I will make the whole quilt this week or finish LMF, or baste the quilt that I SHOULD have already basted.... *grin*. The quilt I need to baste is too big for any area I currently have to baste, which means I will have to either travel an hour or use dh's huge flat work bench. Which is in an open shed and requires a good bit of cleaning before my quilt will be laying there. and preferably a windless day. Not to worry, it will get done, I have just been procrastinating.


Times Gone By. Karen at The Stitching Post is organising to run a Jo's Little Women BOM soon, no details on the site yet - email her.


Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage has a gorgeous new BOM by McKenna Ryan, sign up quick because places are limited.

It is so nice to see something different. So often you look around the shops (both in person and online) and see the same stuff in them all. Bit like McDonalds, there is one in every town, I like finding the 'mom and pop' places, something a bit out of the ordinary that is just as nice if not better!

Have a great evening, I will share Ginger Blossom quilt that I recently finished with you tomorrow.


Khris78 said...

Wow looks lovely!!!! i love the Charleston V fabric range..... So Pretty!

Stina said...

Ohh.. looks good.. will be fun watching your quilt grow..:o) have a pile of thea fabric sitting here just waiitng for me to start cutting in it!!! :o))

Guðrún said...

The fabrics are beautiful.

Cardygirl said...

I love the elm creek books & I love repros...looking forward to seeing it grow!

Sarah said...

WOW!! Totally love those fabrics Bec! I am really looking forward in seeing your progress with it.
x Sarah