Monday, July 20, 2009

Hand Knit Gifts and Handpiecing

This parcel arrived in the mail the other day, from Jellywares. Thankyou Jelly! I just LOVE my new knitted dishcloth, it feels so soft and lovely. The card is just gorgeous too, must have been a very patient quilt owner to photograph their quilts on the calves!
Jellywares is steaming ahead with her knitting, some beautiful examples on her blog.
This is my hand piecing that I did whilst away. Inspired by Jinny Beyers book 'Quiltmaking by Hand' to give it a try. Definately not as hard nor as time consuming as I orginally thought. A very portable project to take away.
Don't mind the creases, it is still only finger pressed.

The back, I helped myself to 'eyeball' the 1/4" seam by pencilling it in on the wrong side. In time I won't need to do this.

How is everyone that joined me going with not buying new fabric?????
I know a couple of girls only have a couple of weeks until they can buy again, they are off to a retreat at Cottage on the Hill. bet they are getting excited!


jannimary said...

Jellywares has made you a beautiful wash cloth. I've just made my first ones for her swap. Good fun.

Chookyblue...... said...

great wash cloth.........Jelly Wares is one great girl..........

Ellice said...

The purse is great, I would have loved to been at the photo shoot. The photos on the previous blog are lovely. So lucky to live in such a beautiful region.

Anonymous said...

Two and a half weeks till Nundle!! WOOHOO! Oh, am I excited? Yes! Can't wait for my weekend away!! Good on you for doing some hand piecing! Lucky girl... Jelly Wares has some beautiful things!! :)

Tammy James said...

hi Bec,
Nice to have you back in the blog world. The village in the snow, where you spent time on your holiday sounds lovely I'm glad you had a nice break away.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's not hard to hold back from buying, Bec...there is not a single patchwork shop for 130 klms! LOL! The downside is that I also cannot buy wadding, whisperweft, Vliesofix - all those standards I use every day.
I'll need to source an online store for those things.

You're doing wonderfully, though!!!