Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Found Will Power

Time to fess up.
This morning, thanks to the many comments with fabric shop suggestions, I found the yardage of DeerValley and Arcadia that I desired.
I had the highly desired single print from each line selected with one or two co-ordinates in shopping baskets when I realised I didn't NEED these.
I didn't HAVE to buy them; just desired them.
So I emptied my baskets and closed the pages before I could change my mind.
Now it is quite a few hours later and I know I made the right decision.
I am feeling empowered now that I didn't succome to my weakness.
I have had a few comments that some of you are interested in joining me but not for the full six months.
That is fine with me - you set your time and we will all help each other stick to it.
I will blog weekly or monthly about the trials and tribulations of no new fabric; and will invite you to comment on how you are going.
So if you want to join in - leave a comment with how long you want to join for and I will put up a sidebar with everyone on it and how long.

Now for the total opposite - just to test that newly found willpower!
My good friend Sarah from Tassie has opened herself an online shop PatchworksPlus.
She has a great range of precuts, patterns and premade items.
I have bought through her ebay shop since I knew she ran it, and the service is fabulous I must say.

My good friend Jenny has MORE free patterns on her blog.
She has one gorgeous free BOM running at present - Shabby Roses.
If you like Leanne's House and Rosalie Quinlan Designs you will absolutely LOVE Jenny of Elefantz.
She is taking Australia by storm. *grin*

I have more news but it will have to wait until tomorrow - one little man needs my attention to get ready for bed.


Amanda said...

Oh well done you. The fabric will still be there in six month's time - or something even better - and by then you'll be absolutely certain what you want to do with it. I'm with you for the six months I should think - or at least until I use up my fairly small stash on making two scrappy single bed quilts for our guest room, and that will probably take me about six months!

Lynn said...

I want to join in - I had made it 56 days without buying fabric - and recently succumbed to temptation and now have to start over again. You are right when I would look on-line or better yet leave a quilt shop or fabric store without a fabric purchase I did feel better. But now I've fallen:(

Myra said...

Now that is will power Bec! Good for you! 8-)
Wanting it, finding it, putting it in your basket, and then asking yourself the question "do I need it?", and took it out of your basket... That is a powerful question if you can answer it truthfully! 8-)
That is what got me through a whole year of no buying unless I absolutely needed something for a WIP project. That plus staying away from quilt/fabric shops, opting out of group outings to a new shop. I focused more on getting my UFOs done... so I could "earn" a new sewing machine, my Pfaffy... 8-)
And now? I am much better with when and why with my purchases...

Anonymous said...

Well done Bec!! That's a hard thing to do... shut it down and walk away. Good for you for doing it! I'm heading away for the weekend and intend on doing some serious sewing while away... so until I get my stuff all organised with what I need... I'm not ruling out no new fabric!! I should be able to do it though!! Shall go check out Jenny's stuff... I think I may have visited her blog once before?

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I am so proud of you!!!!! Way to go, Bec!!! \o/ You're me hero. :-)

How about a before and after photo of your stash?? The you'll be able to see the dint you've made in it after 6 months? Come to think of it I may do that myself.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh, and like Myra, my goal right now is a new sewing machine. I have a $300 Janome that has been chugging along for over 10 years now, almost 4 of them with me as an actual quilter (the first 6 years I just stitched hems!) but with all the stitching I do these days I really need something more in the heavyweight division. ;-) The more I spend on fabric the longer it will take me to reach my goal...so I'm not going to stop completely with fabric buying, BUT, I am going to have to give a VERY convincing reason as to why I need a piece.
May the force be with us!

Anonymous said...

You are such a "good girl"..... Very good, do it quickly and it won't hurt as much.:(
I will certainly join you....
I am using what I have in fabric/patterns/magazines etc.
I'll add a sidebar soon.

Sarah said...

Goodluck with your challenge Bec! I just dont have the willpower lol! And thanx for the comments about my store :+)
x Sarah