Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Alec's Farm

Yes I changed the name! I like to add/change things I make to personalise them where appropriate. I am doing Little Macca's Farm by BOM. After hand appliquing the sheep I tried my hand at machine applique. I am sold! much faster and neater than my handwork. I still enjoy handstitching; just not through the vliesofix so much.

I have another three blocks that I am in the process of piecing/appliquing. The large sentre block isn't completely appliqued yet; I do a bit at a time depending on which colour thread is in the machine. Slowly getting there. The letters take a bit of fiddling to do. Little Macca's Farm is by Kookaburra Cottage, they have some great patterns.

Recently I came across Amy Bradley Designs. She has some cool looking dog and cat quilts. her dog quilt was originally intended for her husbands vet clinc but has only spent about a week there out of 4 years!

I am always on the look out for appropriate boy quilts and things; having three boys. Girls things are easy to find so my two will most likely end up inundated with heaps!

I will have some more bits to show tomorrow, off to get the rice custard from the oven....mmmmmm

Bec xxx

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