Monday, September 10, 2012

Tea Towel Bag Trade

 Recently the online Friends in Stitching group had a tea towel bag swap, you just had to make a bag using a tea towel, easy. I hadn't done any sewing for ages with the baby and thought this was in my capabilities at the time. I was so excited to do something else for ten minutes a day, LOL and it was ten minutes a day, if that! One day I cut up the tea towel, the next day I cut some of the lining (I didn't have to line it but did as this allowed me to put a pocket in the bag and gave me fabric for handles), another day I stitched the sides of the bag up etc etc. Even with only snippets of time you can make great achievements.

I purchased a Red Tractor Designs tea towel with yummy cakes on it from our local newsagent. Red Tractor have lots of gorgeous tea towels out that it is hard to choose one! They are made from linen. Due to these being long tea towels I was able to use the bottom with the design name for the bottom of the bag.

I bought a pretty stripey tea towel from a local gift wares shop to wrap it in for De.

 Sarah made mine, and it is gorgeous! Love the red and aqua colours together!

 Thanks so much Sarah!


Anthea said...

Great bag Bec, well done on using those few minutes each time to make a useful item... and the bag made for you is lovely too. Well Done!

Khris78 said...

Looks lovely Bec :)

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous bags...