Saturday, February 26, 2011

Works in Progress

 My youngest sister is due with her first baby in the next week and I haven't made a baby quilt yet! Bit different to the arrival of my first neice nearly two years ago, I had her quilt bound and waiting for her to be born to make the label! Not to worry, I am improving with speed and accuracy the more I piece and quilt! I am sure this quilt will be done in time for the baby.
Just love Carrie Nelson's book, 'Schnibbles Times Two', so many fantastic quilts in there!
I also love the brighter colours of American Jane's Punctuation fabric.... a little brighter than Wee Play, Recess and Look'n'Learn. Love them all though, great ranges for kids/babies quilts.

 A year on and I have finished quilting Forks and have the binding on waiting to be hand stitched down. YEAH! I am sure DH is pleased to have the pins gone from this quilt, LOL, as we have been sleeping under it for a while now and occasionally a pin would come undone! (and he was always the one to find it!).

 Definately a works in progress, this quilt has been cut out for 18months to 2 years. I pulled it out on Thursday and got the appliques on it. Now to whip stitch them down...

A Disapearing Nine Patch Punctuation quilt.
Not sure where this quit will end up.

and I am also making a doll for my daughters birthday, another Katkins Designs one.
When asked what she wanted for her birthday she replied 'I want you to make me something. Then you don't have to spend money.' I asked her if there was anything she wanted made and got 'Anything you want to make me mum. I will be happy with whatever you make me.' WOW. How great is that.... and she is turning 8, so isn't all that old for such a selfless answer!


Amanda said...

I especially love your Forks quilt, that narrow red border just brings it to life so well. And what a sweetie your daughter is; have fun making the doll for her.

Lynn said...

This is why your blog is calle Oh sew busy!! I love the 9patch off set with the white sashing. How sweet, I hope you show the doll when it's finished!

Lynda said...

So much lovely stuff happening at your place Bec. The disappearing 9 patch looks great with the white sashings.

Lynda said...

PS - Forks is looking fantastic.