Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Warning

 MrZ who is ten, has been practising his whipcracking, after being inspired by the bullock driver at Timbertown, Wauchope earlier this year. The welt heaped up and wasn't visable the next morning, and ds has learnt a valuable lesson in taking care with whips. The wearing of sunglasses (eye protection) compulsory for any whipcracking the children do, Mr Busy set this rule into place before the first whip was bought.

 I have two bundles of fabric to clear from the deep recesses of my cupboard.
These are by Debbie Beaves, and both kits are the same excepting the colourings of the fabrics.
There is a roll of strips; 5.5" by half the width of the fabric (quilt top and scrappy binding); and fabric for backing. The purple backing kit has 27 strips and the green backing kit has 35 strips.

The quilt in the photo is what I intended to make with these kits (no longer need to), you could make this quilt or use the fabric for something else.
I would like to sell the green backing kit for $50 and the purple backing kit for $60. Leave a comment if you are interested. I will also take offers. I would love to send these to a new home where they will be used.


Janice said...

Youch! I presume a bit more care is now being taken with the whip cracking. Most importantly, can he make the whip crack yet?

Lynn said...

How nice two posts from you!!
Boys !!!
Such pretty purple fabrics.

BubzRugz said...

Bec - I love your fabrics and I am still trying to gather a stash whe colours go together ... I'd love both???? - if there's no others to fight with....

Aunty said...

Please tell Mr Z to be careful and no whip cracking while I'm visiting as I don't want big whelts on my back. But Boys will be Boys.