Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a Revelation!

I am certainly on the progress road with learning to think a bit more about what I can utilise here at home with my nonewfabricfornew projects ban.

Yesterday morning I was gazing at my fabric shelves that hold my fabric in project bundles and agonizing over what to design with the ButterflyFling yardage I bought last year. I bought enough to make a quilt for each of my daughters (yardage and one charming jellycake). Then realisation dawned on me!

In an earlier post I blogged about how I had won Joypatch's DragonFlight pattern and how I wrestled with taking on a new project that needed new fabric.
The solution was clear yesterday. Over the next few months I will make DragonFlight in Butterfly Fling! I don't have quite enough yardage but this is ok as the quilt is Queen size and I only need Single size, so I will make the quilt a bit smaller. Now this may SOUND like a new project but really (REALLY) it isn't. I had the fabric to make a quilt but no idea on what quilt. Now I know which quilt to make with the fabric.
Does this make sense?????

My only possible problem is that I may be a little short on this fabric above for the background/inside borders.
Fingers crossed!

This is my other bundle of Butterfly Fling for my other daughter.

I have mended the flannel quilt from the other day, it is hard to tell unless you are up close and the mending of the fray has turned out even better than I had hoped for.

The lucky quilt even got itself a label!
The past two days have been quite hectic here, my ds-just-turned-9 wanted to make himself a duffle bag. I told the girls (almost8 and 6) that they could as well. Good craft work.
Talk about NAG NAG NAG! and juggle. Have you had three kids in your sewing room all nagging and wanting to do THEIR sewing at once???? Then throw two toddler boys creating havoc...... oh my what a headache!
DS's bag is now finished and he is quite pleased with it. It was harder than he thought but he said he enjoyed making it. I am spending tonight finishing dd6's bag for her, sewing zigzag was enough for her. Will show dd7's bag soon.

Lisa is having a giveaway at CandleLiteQuilter. Some gorgeous April Cornell fabrics.
SixMonthBan News
Classes are not counted. To me they are educational and not a new project. Amanda (see sidebar) is doing a class soon, and this got me thinking about it.
Up for discussion.
I think Material Obsessions new BOM is more a class than a standard BOM - it is a pieced quilt using tradional but unusual blocks with templates, something new to learn for each block.
(lots of curves so very much a learning curve)
Comment or email.
What do you do to extend yourself? What sort of patchwork/quilting do you love to do?
There are so, rephrase that, sooooo many different aspects to patchwork and quilting.
Comment/Email/Blog a post and let me know.
and books.
What books are your favourite patchwork/quilting books?
and magazines.
Which is your favourite and why?
What sort of classes do you like?
Gosh I AM nosey aren't I!
These are some things that I will be blogging about in the near future, send me some emails....
Have to add this PS.
Sarah sent me a link to this tutorial,
They really aren't that hard to make, just a bit of time to fiddle and get it right.
They don't use much fabric either!
Why did Sarah send me this link? It's because I told her a while back that I was going to make my own bra, which (red faced) I haven't done yet. The good intentions are still there. I have this Sweet Blossom Lingerie pattern to make one. Looks nice and comfy, and not too hard to make.


Amanda said...

Well, I'm not suprised that you've imposed your ban, with all that lovely fabric just sitting on a shelf waiting to be used. Your new quilt will look so pretty. Your son seems to have inherited your talent too, that's a great bag. I saw the tutorial for knickers too, and have a real fancy to try it out. I have loads of books, but haven't used them very much. The internet and other stitchers' blogs is my favourite source of inspiration - that way you know that things have been tried by real people, not just authors.

Tammy said...

No new project's, project in mind, no pattern, fabric on hand, new pattern arrival, new project born - not really new project at all ... makes perfect sense ... to me.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the butterfly fabric...........
fav mags - Home Spun, Quilter Companion and Country threads
Books - any of Hatched and Patched.....Leanne's House....oh they are all so good......

bag looks good.......

Joy said...

Bec those fabrics are just gorgeous, I can't wait to see them all made up :o).
What a fabulous job your DS made of that bag ... I'm impressed :o)!!
Joy :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW! You have done very well. Love all the fabrics that you are using on the quilts. This no buying fabric is great for your stash isn't it. Great idea of yours.
Love love the bag. Looks like a bought one. Now about that underwear. Good luck with that. Too fiddly for me.

Jodie said...

Thanks for the undie tutorial link, will definitely have to give that one a go now that I'm a lover of stretch..

Take Care
Jodie :)

Sarah said...

Hey Bec!
Goodluck with the undies!
LOVE that Butterfly Fling fabrics - great choice for your girls and that bag..... FANTASTIC work by your son!! Does look like a bought one!
x Sarah