Thursday, February 2, 2012

Max and Whiskers

 Love this range by Basic Grey.
I bought two charm packs last year to make a quilt for my youngest then decided as at the time he was 4 yrs old that the quilt would probably be on the small side for him.  So it got tucked away, quilted but not bound, for the 'gift cupboard' in case I needed a baby quilt for a gift at any time. 
Mr Busy became a great uncle last week for the 6th time so I bound the quilt on the weekend and sent it home with his nephew (uncle the new baby) to deliver in the next few weeks. Mr Busy really liked this quilt, nice to know he likes some things I make.

Love the backing fabric!

When Mr Busy's nephew was here, the screen sliding door came off and bumped the table, which smashed. It was good to have another set of hands to help with the clean up because these are not easy to clean up, especially when your verandah has gaps between the decking  for water/rain drainage. 
Our first glass topped table smashed only weeks after purchasing it, 11 years ago. That time a strong wind knocked the umbrella standing in it, which was enough to smash the table. We had the table replaced but it stayed boxed up until four years ago when we had somewhere to put it under cover; so it has lasted a bit longer than the first one! 
Glass top tables are not a favourite with us, that's for sure! We still have the frame from the other day and Mr Busy will make a top for it in the future.

Here is Lucy, she belongs to Miss Busy (8yrs old).
She asked about getting a pet guinea pig for a while but dad kept saying no, we've had them and they die.
However just before Christmas Miss Busy came with me to pick up a Wessex Saddleback sow that I had bought and the seller breeds guinea pigs to sell at hobby sales. Miss Busy very quietly asked if she could nurse one. She did. Then she asked if she could have one. I didn't agree with Mr Busy, as Miss Busy has had no pets of her own and I felt she needed to have something to call her own. So we brought Lucy home.
Miss Busy told dad that we bought TWO PIGS!
To date, she changes Lucy's water everyday, tops up her feed, moves her cage a bit and carries her around for a time. No reminding needed from mum or dad. Do you reckon she will take care of the calves that need marking without us too???? LOL.


bettsylyn said...

I love this fabric too - and I have two charm packs to make something from. It makes a great boy quilt.It's a shame about the table - we have the same trouble with those saucepans with glass lids.I broke one within a week of owning it and I think the rest have gone now as well. We usually buy ones with metal lids for that reason but obviously not always.
Love the little piggy.

Sarah said...

I have not seen those fabrics - I like them!!!

Nice when someone likes what you have done hey.

Oh dear about the smashhhhed glass. Just another job and thing to do - life is never simple is it!!!

marina said...

the max and whiskers fabrics are gorgeous. Lucky new baby.
My neighbours had a similar table that did the same thing for little reason.Bit dangerous aren't they.
Love the baby guinea pig, I think I would rather cuddle the calves though.

Amanda said...

I think every child should have the chance of a pet of their own. We never had guinea pigs, but had mice, gerbils and hamsters. It's a good way for the children to learn about responsibility and caring for animals, though I'm sure yours have plenty of experience of that.

Lynda said...

The quilt is lovely Bec. Lucky great nephew. Miss Busy is going so well with her new pet. Shame about the table top.

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt and so pleased it gets to be enjoyed out of the "gift cupboard". Now those tables are dreadful aren't they and it's cheaper to buy a new one with chairs then it is to get new glass :)
Awww "I love Lucy" (I think there was a show with the same name) LOL!

Janice said...

Miss Busy with have a lovely time with Lucy. I'm sure she will be very gentle with her. What a pity about the table, but lucky you had help to clean up. The quilt turned out great and will suit a little boy beautifully.

Kylie said...

Love the background fabric xxx