Monday, January 23, 2012

Babies on the Farm

Berkshire piglets born just over two weeks ago, this was taken when they were less than one day old. Below they are feeding off their mum who is a first timer and so very placid.

A Wessex Saddleback sow that we bought just before Christmas who was in pig to a large white boar. She had her 13 babies a couple of days ago. This was taken today.
The electric wires that separate the pigs doesn't keep the piglets apart, earlier today we found all the white ones snuggled up with a few black ones!

The pigs are in the paddock but have separate access to the shed for feeding, water and shelter. Here is the daddy boar on the left and mummy is feeding some of the Berkshire piglets. Mr Busy is enjoying being with them. Mummy pig is so placid the kids can pick up mega squealing piglets and she isn't bothered, she grew up with us since she was a baby and I think this counts towards her easy going nature with us.

Daddy pig is up close for a look! Miss 8 yr old took this photo, great one!

Another daddy, this time Jerry the goat. He is lots of fun, doesn't hop onto cars but don't leave the door open because he does like to hop inside them! He is very nosey and Mr Busy has to continually chase him away when he is working in or near the workshop because Jerry being nosey usually involves his mouth!
All of the children ride him, no equipment necessary except a long branch with leaves if you want to direct him about. LOL Mr 11 yr old often 'hitches' a ride to the pig/chook yards or back to the house!
Jerry is a Melan breed of milking goat and he has a twin brother the other side of town called Tom.

Here is 'mini me jerry', born early Dec; this little fulla has such a beautiful nature.

Here is his twin sister who looks just like their mum, who is a British Alpine milking goat. A real shame is that this little one has a very flighty nature.

Also not in the photos are baby ducks, some born Christmas day and some born in the last few days. 
Mr 11 yr old had baby rabbits born just before Christmas, he has four still here out of nine (sold the others).
You can usually find baby calves, lambs and chickens here most days as well.

As you can see from the photos it has dried off a lot here in the past few weeks, prior to that we were having unusually mild days with some lovely rain (not heaps but rain that we don't normally get this time of year). So the feed in the paddock is drying off but it varies from being waist to shoulder height on me. LOL makes it not so easy to find things such as piglets and calves when you are doing a head count!

I will show you my DitG blocks in the next few days.


Amy said...

Your farm sounds fun with all of those babies. So great for your kids.

Lynn said...

Glad to see you back! Love the piglet pictures. I saw your last couple of posts, you've really been busy. I love the butterfly quilt.

Kylie said...

How cute are all your babies. Love seeing what is happening around your farm. xxx

marina said...

love seeing the babies especially the different breed of piglet babies.
Can't wait to see your ditg blocks!

Vicki said...

Definitely a baby farm :) Piglets so cute, Bec. Bet the children love being out watching the baby animals everywhere.

Kate said...

So cute!

greelyrita said...

My friend has milking goats and the neighbour lends his male when the girls are ready. He smells REALLY bad. I mean it's just amazing. Skunk smells like perfume compared to this male goat. I'm assuming your breed of goats don't have this problem with the males? It's so bad, that people with male goats wear special overalls when they have to go in with the goat. The smell doesn't even wash out. I got some of the smell on my hands, petting the goat, and being outside, it fine. I got into the car later and was nearly ill with the smell from my hands. I got home, washed my hands but it only helped a bit. It took a couple more days before the smell was gone.

Lynda said...

Great photos Bec - lovely to see what's happening at your place.

Anonymous said...

Too cute Bec but I'm sure I can smell them from here :)