Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not much sewing

I have been quilting two quilts since I last posted, sorry I don't have any pictures as the camera has died and I am waiting on a new one to arrive.

Last week one of our milking goats, the naughty one, broke her leg. A compound fracture near the hock on her back leg. Mr Busy set it, bandaged it and splinted it. Goat fractures heal in approx 10 days, that is fast; but they are classed as a light animal. She is hopping around fine on three legs; except the buck deicded he wants to be with her. This caused problems because I had no where to keep him separate; Mr Busy came to the rescue again. He sprayed Katy (goat) with some Impulse. Jerry (buck) took one whiff and didn't want to go near her!

My Busy has more framework up for our verandah, though it's not ready for the tin yet it is looking good. Summer shouldn't be so hot in the house this year with the verandah.

A big thankyou to everyone who has bought fabric/patterns/books from me. I really appreciate it; and it allows me to relax more and not stress about having so much to do! Quilting/patchwork is about enjoying the process. I also downsized my massive stash because I am studying from home. The end goal is to do some part time work from home.

When the new camera arrives I will show you the quilts I have been working on.


Sarah said...

I liked your story about he goat. Poor thing with the fracture but the impulse! I will never look at that product again the same way!

Kate said...

Poor goat!

That's the downside to quilting; it can take a while and it means there isnt as much to blog about. Look forward to seeing your work :-)

Anonymous said...

What a funny story.... so you didn't need to but the goat down? thank goodness.
Hope all your studying is going well. Might try and catch up with a phone call on the weekend. My voice is back again now and just hope I can keep the flu at bay.