Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 Do you get tempted by all those lovely new ranges coming out all the time? I do.
A few months back I came to a solution for me that I thought was worth sharing.

In this magazine I found a scrappy quilt that I loved but I didn't have fabric or time to make it.

 To make a lap/single quilt 66" by 81" you need 783 charm squares.
Crib/wall 48" by 54" uses 378 charms.
Full/Queen 85" by 90" uses 1,110 charms.
King 103" by 102" uses 1,530 charms.

 So I put aside the charm squares I had, and every once in a while I buy another one or two to add to my collection. To date I have approx 400-420.
By the time I have enough charm squares to make the quilt; and it might be queen or king size yet; I will have finished numerous other projects so I will have time to make this. The great thing about it is I will have a piece of all those lovely fabrics I admire in it without the huge cost of money and time to make a quilt from each range that catches my eye. I am using reproduction type charms for this quilt; but it would look fantastic in brighter, more modern fabrics too. I nearly started to put together two to make, but decided one was enough for the time being.

The quilt uses a template to cut the tumbler shape and then it is machine pieced.
I love tumber, clam shell and apple core quilts but decided on this tumbler one because I could machine piece it; however I may just take on making an apple core or clam shell quilt in the distant future!


NessaKnits said...


Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing your progress with this quilt Bec your fabrics are great

rubyslipperz said...

wonderfully delicious charms for a very yummy quilt...and no calories!
Imagine that!!


Amanda said...

That's a good idea; I never know what to do with charm squares, so never buy any, but if I find a pattern I like I'll certainly pinch this idea.

debbie said...

What a great idea. My problem is finding the charm squares locally. I do have a collection, but not enough to make that quilt. I love scrappy. Do you know anyone with a Go? They have two sizes of tumbler dies. The smaller one would fit on a charm square...but I think there would be lots of scrap area left, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure the large die is too big for a charm.
A friends oldest daughter is making her first 2 quilts. One is a scrappy apple core. The other is simple squares.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bec, I love this... I saw a black and white one on someone's blog. Just stunning and great idea for scraps.

Margaret said...

I like charm squares too, sounds like a neice from many years ago everytime you said you liked somehing she piped up " ME TOO"
The tumbler effect looks interesting