Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wedding Cakes

My sister is getting married later this year, at The Dag which is at Nundle just down the road from Kerry. There has been alot of questions about how dh and I went about organising our wedding, and idea bouncing from sister Jac. I had forgotten how much time and effort is involved with organising a wedding, even a simple one.
It has been nearly 12 yrs since I was married and a lot of things have changed, especially the trend in wedding cakes. My wedding cake was a tradional; a fruit cake with fancy icing.
DH grew up with his mother making wedding cakes and he likes to see the skill of the decorator in the fancy icing work.
I didn't realise how cool patty cakes could be!
Have a small cake on top to cut (and make that a mud cake please), then distribute the miniture cakes amongst the guests, how easy is that!

No, I haven't posted my sisters chosen cake here!
My other sister was married last year in Thailand at a resort, they organised pretty much everything for her which makes things nice and easy.
By the way, has anybody here in Australia had anything to with Homestead Brides ????


Grethe said...

Looks delicious,clever you! Although 6am here,I could have eaten them all,not very good at making special cakes. Just the same ones always. Good Luck and Happy Stiching :-)

Sarah said...

Oh Bec! There are some beautiful cakes there! I love the idea of the cup-cakes!
x Sarah

bettsylyn said...

Friends of mine don't like cake so they had a doughnut cake along the same lines. At the top they had a doughnut man and lady. The doughnut shop even went to the trouble of icing the lady in white and I think the man was iced in cocolate for his suit. If you want to see a photo I might be able to find one. I think it was his older brother who had a croque en busch ( profiteroles).Is that how you spell it?

Anonymous said...

Just be aware of the space and containers it takes to store the rotten things in after you have cooked them! My mum did a 'cake' for 130 and had Tupperware boxes full of cakes from one end of the house to the other! Also, can be tricky finding a good cake stand. They can be expensive. But it looked fabulous and was so easy to distribute to guests. Happy cooking!