Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GDITC 2010 part 2

The nights I spent in Nundle (when not chatting and feasting) I started and almost finished this gorgeous wool pincushion that Anni designed (she sells them as a kit or a pattern). Miss Busy picked this out last year and I decided to make it up for her 7th birthday which was yesterday. She is over the moon with it!

At GDITC I purchased Kerry's new book, 'Dreaming of a White Christmas' - absolutely beautiful! She has lots of yummy recipies in there as well as beautiful projects, projects that you can use for times other than Christmas by changing the fabrics. Well Done Kerry!
I purchased some of Anni and Pete's wool - the brand is 'Four Ewes'...very Pete!
The four flannel FQs I won on the day as a lucky door prize, just gorgeous!
I also brought home a very large square ruler, fabulous for squaring up those blocks!

The Nundle Bloggers (in previous post picture) had a little secret sister swap amongst themselves and it had to be something starting with N. I recieved this beautiful Needlecase by DMC - thankyou Helen I love it! I didn't think to photograph what I took, which was a Neutral FQ and Nice Needlework threads. Lots of fun passing these parcels around and opening them!

Aunty Alison from Nundle has a blog now!
This Old Aunt Quilts
Make sure you read her profile......

Last year the Nundle Bloggers did a FQ birthday swap amongst themselves and you had to make something with most of the FQs within 6 months of your birthday. My FQs went into four quilts and a bag. One of the quilts will be made up later this year.
This is the Sister's Choice block quilt that I made with the reds I recieved. All scrappy and mixed up, the first time I have done anything like this and I really enjoyed making it. The blocks are about 10 inches square.

I made a 1930's quilt top, designed by Darlene Zimmerman called 'Chicken Linen' in her 'Granny Quilts Decor' book. It was mostly fabric from Mamma's Apron Strings range in this quilt, though there are a few others added in. I DID get a bit weary of making up blocks for this quilt - it required 240 four patch blocks and 240 half square blocks to make 120 bigger blocks to put together in rows....yikes! But I got there in the end. Lucky I had the Nundle weekend as a deadline otherwise it still might sitting in pieces.....LOL.

By the way I owe a big BIG thankyou to DALE for these quilts.
If I hadn't seen what she had accomplished with her birthday FQs a couple of months ago my FQs would still be sitting, so THANKYOU DALE you are a legend!

Here is a closer look at 'Forks'. The red is a peeper (thanks Peg!) and you will find a tutorial over at Happy in Quilting for adding a peeper to your quilt.
Another thankyou to Peg for inspiring me to make 'Forks' as I had seen a quilt she made for her son's girlfriend a few years ago done in black and whites in a railfence pattern and I loved it so much I had to make my own version. Thanks Peg!

This is really big quilt, a fabulous single bed size, and it covers the top of my queen size bed though doesn't drape down over the sides. It is half quilted at present, I am ditching it and when this is done will decide then if I will do any freemotion on it. I decided not to add any applique at this stage.

Speaking of freemotion quilting, keep your eyes peeled for May's edition of Australian Quilters Companion as the free dvd with it has Deb Louie doing Introduction to Free Motion Quilting.
Her blog also has a listing of where she is teaching this year.


Kylie said...

Your quilts look great - especially love the red one.

Amanda said...

Lots of lovely things to look at, especially your quilts which look great.

Anita said...

Love all of your quilts Bec - was great to catch up with you again!!

Chookyblue...... said...

great to see all your fat 1/4s stitched up........the tops look great....
Kerry's book is great.........made the date slice last night.......

DAWNIE said...

I am in so in awe of your black and white quilt. Some great pics here of all your quilts and purchases - well done

Lynn said...

Such a cute pincushion. I still have a little pincushion that my aunt made me when I was 9. I'm sure yours will be well loved.
So much worked on. I love the sister's choice quilt - red quilts are my favorites. Wait so are
30's quilts - love that one too.

Lynda said...

Fantastic quilts Bec - looks like you've had a fantastic weekend too.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Bec how good is this felt...love your pin cushion..and of course all your quilts are just so gorgeous...mwah for the lovely mention as well, those peepers are so cute...

Ginger Patches said...

Wow Bec, you've been busy!! Beautiful quilts, I am really loving the Darlene Zimmerman...I have that pattern in a different book that I have been wanting to make for quite a while. In fact I've made the blocks two or three times and then have ended up changing their arrangement...I think the time to do it may be soon :)

Joy said...

Your quilts are fabulous Bec, LOVE the red one!!! Sounds like you all had a great time at Nundle :o). Seeing some terrific piccies in blogland about it all.
Joy :o)