Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adding more Detail

I still need to show you the ZaZa placemats and the Roses de Noel by the Sea quilt that I recently finished for Christmas gifts.
However I have decided to add some more quilting to the quilt so I guess it's not done yet! My freemotion quilting isn't the best, it is definately something that practice improves but what I have done is looking OK; and I'm having fun with it!
I don't think I will attempt a design that meets so much in the middle again for a while though!
I know you can't see the needle much but the tip of this needle was bent as was the middle of it where it snapped off. I have broken many needles but never one like this!
This example here is definately one of my better flowers!

My eldest son has been making Christmas decorations again. All his design, he told me what he wanted and I drew up a bell and the dingdong bit so he use them as a template. The rest is all him. The labels have written on them the names of pets and tv characters (like Scooby Doo....*grin*). He has even done one to leave on his bed Christmas eve to give Santa; and one is made up ready to give 'Santa Tom' whom we see every year at Christmas time.
Very thoughtful!
and how good is our tree going to look this year!


Amanda said...

What a clever lad your son is - and persistent too, not getting bored after just one or two. They look terrific.

Sarah said...

Wow I am impressed with him!

oh and with you free motioning!

Tammy James said...

Great Bells!! I love your free motion flower Bec!

Myra said...

Quilting for me is an "in progress" learning too... As long as you are having fun! 8-)
I look forward to seeing the projects!
Your son's decorations are adorable!!! He sounds like a thoughtful little guy... To be proud of. 8-)