Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kids Christmas in July Swap

Recently four young stitchers had their own Christmas in July ornament swap. Jessie Girl, Fairy Girl, Tink and Angel. Due to there only being four swappers they all made and sent to every one; if they wanted to keep one of what they made then they made four ornaments.

All we had discussed prior to the swap was that felt was good for chlidren to work with; so it was amazing to see that both Jessie Girl and Fairy Girl made very similar ornaments!

Here is what my Jessie Girl made and sent. Here is what Fairy Girl made and sent.
Here is what Tink made and sent.
This is what Angel made and sent.
All the girls have done a fabulous job, it seems they all enjoyed their swap and can't wait for the next one!
I have sorted myself with what I am working on now. Yesterday I was going to work on my sisters birthday present (which I know now that she regularly reads my blog so I can't show it here until she has it!), however I could not locate the fabric I was using. Not anywhere. So I spent an hour or so cleaning out part of my cupboard searching. Eventually I found it, but by then was in 're-arranging' mode and not 'sewing' mode. So I sorted things into 'have to make' and 'not sure if I will make' shelves. This has lifted a weight off my shoulders, knowing that there isn't a HUGE pile of things waiting to be made hiding out in the cupboard. and it is things, not quilts. So once I get dinner on this afternoon I will get to it and put together my sisters birthday present.
Here is something I found while delving into the dark depths of my cupboard.
A Santa bag that I started for dd3 who is 6yrs old. I started it when she was a baby......
So it is definatley on the WISP Challenge list!
I did all hand work on it, some mroe handquilting to finish then I can put the bag together.
**** oh, and Jenny of Elefantz has a challenge for everyone..... ****
I am taking it up, so come join us!
Chookyblue and Farmyward Crafts will be finishing their no new fabric ban this Friday as they are going to Kerry's Cottage on the Hill for a retreat. Not sure if they will be rejoining me or not.... time will tell!


Kerri said...

Angel love see here craft work on the blogs. So cant wait for the next one. They all looks so good. We have some really crafty little girls coming along.

Its nice to have a sort out. Thats what I should be doing. Maybe next week.

Have a great time this weekend.

Kerry said...

Well done girls!!
Wasn't there binding fabric missing last week? You sound just like me, I'm always hunting around for something. Look forward to seeing the santa sack finished, at least you are guaranteed he'll be back to fill it the next year....or the next..

Stephanie said...

How fun for the girls to swap ornaments. Cute bag. Yippee for finishes. I'm hoping to get a machine cover done before the end of August. Emphasis on hope.

Chookyblue...... said...

the girls loved the swap.........must plan the next one..........
Oh and YES the fabric diet goes out the window this weekend..........

Carin said...

What a great idea to have the girls swap. Great project to find, isn't it amazing what we forget we put all that work into. LOL!

Guðrún said...

I think all the girls did a gorgeous job on their projects.

Joy said...

Wow Bec, the girls did such a fabulous job with their swap pressies!!! What fun :o)!!
I just love your Santa bag - can you come over and organise me too please LOL ;o)???? I've made a start ....... I've got a list of "gotta-dos", one of "might-dos", then there's "wish-I-had-time-to-dos" and [[sigh]] "put-em-away-cos-I'll-never-get-around-to-thems" LOL.
Joy :o)

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are all gorgeous!! They all should be really proud of the great jobs they have done!! See you Sunday! :)

jannimary said...

The girls must have been so excited getting their swaps in the mail. They have done a great job. I love your Santa Sack - but I'm biased...I made this project for both my niece and nephew - not at all like me to finish something. It was my first machine applique. It will look fabulous when it is done.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Wow, that is fantastic!! The new breed of stitchers coming up through the ranks VERY quickly!! Well done!!!

Sarah said...

Lovely ornies by the young ones! They must be pretty chuffed!
Love the santa sack too
x Sarah