Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quilting Away

Still quilting away here.
No, I HAVEN'T finished the Sophie's Stars quilt yet.
I had it about half quilted and was weary of working on it (does that happen to you when quilting???).
I was determined to finish it last night but the machine had other ideas. It seemed that no matter what I did, I kept getting those hairy monsters, or nests of thread, on the back of the quilt.
I changed the needle, re-threaded the bobbin and top thread a few times; and even turned the machine off. Nothing worked so I put it away and will see how things go this afternoon. Frustrating, but not doubt if I were more knowledgeable I would have been able to fix it asap.

I pieced a tablerunner that is for my sil and her partner for this christmas.
We will be seeing them soon and they can tuck away their present ready for December.
I used 'Folklorique' charm squares, and will get it quilted and bound in the next week.

Buttons Buttons Buttons.
I love them. I buy them when I see them,because I need some you can guarantee I won't find anything suitable to use!
I am the same with trims, though don't have many here but I am slowly working on building up a selection to choose from.
It's so nice to shop from home, meaning shopping in your cupboard; esp on whim, like say 10pm at night when you just NEED to find that something.... *grin*
I found these buttons last week on my shopping day, a lovely mix of types and sizes.

Recently I was re-introduced to Jinny Beyer.
I had come across her site ages ago when browsing about the web, and while I was quite taken with some of her deisgns I knew there was no way I could ever do them. They were just too complicated for little me.
Thankyou very much to D for suggesting that I look to Jinny for challenging myself. I am waiting on Jinny's new block book to be published in August so also ordered her 'Quiltmaking by Hand'. OMGosh.
I am not very far into the reading but what a new dimension this has added to my quilt knowledge, my appreciation of quilts and what I hold in awe.
I CAN make one of her quilts, and I WILL.
Come December!
This would be a NEW project with NEW fabric so it will just HAVE to wait.
Actually it will be exciting to see what WISPs I can get accomplished in this time; to be rewarded with starting a Jinny Beyer quilt come December. Not to mention that I will be ready to start a quilt then, not just rushing in gung ho.
Oh My Gosh Oh MyGosh Oh My Gosh
I have to add too; dh doesn't like many of the quilts I make or admire but he does really like Jinny's Window's quilt that is on the front cover of the book. It is really nice to have him like something instead of keeping silent..... *grin* men!

Six Month New Fabric Ban News

I have finally got the side bar up with names, links and how long everyone will be joining me.

Let me know if you want to join - even for a short time; or if I have messed something up and I will fix it.

Remember it is a ban for NEW fabric for NEW projects. Existing projects is fine to purchase for, and it is only fabric not patterns and notions etc.

Chookyblue and Maree are joining until August, when they are both attending a retreat at Cottage on the Hill. Good on you girls, thankyou for joining me!

Myra has previously done this for a year, well done Myra! She did it so she could save up for a new sewing machine - what a fabulous reason to lessen the fabric buying. This is why Jenny is joining me, so she can get a new machine. Way to go Jenny!

My friend K told me a while something that stays with me; there is always new fabric, and nicer fabric coming. She is soo right.

So look out December here we come!

Oh Sew Busy News
The photograhy place that is doing my photos mucked them up pretty bad the other day and now I have to wait at least one week, maybe two until they are able to re-do them; free of charge thankfully.
So my patterns aren't out there yet.
However I will share with you the two that are 'on their way'.
Baby Woodlands


Karen said...

Ginny Byer is great! I met her years ago when she came to visit the quilt quild that I belonged to at the time. Your quilts are soooo pretty...they make me smile;)

Anonymous said...

Your pics look great, Bec! Thanks for adding my name to the list... you never know... I might extend the fabric diet past Nundle (not counting the quilt I've already signed up to make at Nundle!) ... good on you for sticking with yours so far!

Chookyblue...... said...

yeh I will hold off til Nundle.........but I also maybe need to promise to use fabrics I have too.........and lots of it.........

Jenny of Elefantz said...

The quilts look really nice, Bec! You have an excellent eye for colour, btw!!

My hubby is the same, and when we go look at a quilt show he studies the actual quilting, never the quilt. ;-)

Kerry said...

Ho you have been sooooooooooooo busy, wish I could find time to sew.
I did a workshop with Jinny Beyer a few years back now and it was the best Day - I came away with so many wonderful ideas and lots more knowledge, enjoy.

maria said...

I love how you have used dotty fabric as the background for the stars in your Sophie's Stars quilt.
Good on you for the fabric buying ban. Not sure that I can bring myself to joining you even though I too am saving for a new machine!

Stephanie said...

Some quilt shops here have Jinny Beyer clubs! Your patterns are going to be fantastic. Best of luck. I did my own photography...you take 100+ to get THE perfect one!

Tammy James said...

Oh I like your reference to shopping from home ... perfectly said :)

Kate said...

The quilt and table runner look great!

I'm thinking I could go without buying fabric, but I'd have to go a month at a time to make it "easier"...though the only fabrics Ive been eyeing off lately are to go with quilts I've already got most stuff for...

Joy said...

Bec your quilt designs are fabulous!!! Yay for you!! I just love how you've photographed them too, especially the one with the kiddies wrapped in the quilt ... just gorgeous :o)!! I just know they'll do well :o)!!
Joy :o)

Linda said...

Congratulations on the new business venture Bec, I wish you every sucess. Just love the tow quilts you have photographed, just gorgeous, and such sweet buttons.

Guðrún said...

The picture of the girls is so cute! Are you going to sell your patterns?

Anonymous said...


you make soooo wunderful quilts.i love it.
that is fantastik.

greating conny

Myra said...

Your Sophie's Stars looks great, as does the table topper in progress! 8-)
Awesome buttons...
LOL! Did I sign up for a 6 month new fabric bad? LOL! I didn't realize I had! You have a hidden agenda for me Bec! wink, wink... lol... I guess I might as well be since I promised I would do no buying after the last retreat and spending spree I went on... 8-)
Your photos for your first 2 patterns are great! Very creative! 8-)
Hope your machine is cooperating with your today!

Eileen said...

Love those pictures.. looks like the patterns will be great!
And your table runner is wonderful.

XUE said...

I love the last 2 quilts in this post !!

Kate quilts... said...

Love both the quilt and tablerunner. :)

Can I join the fabric diet, until the end of the year (does that make six months). That seems such a long time without fabric shopping, I do love a little fabric shop...

jacquie said...

i saw your fabric diet idea on chookyblue's blog....this is just what i need. i'm going to go for the end of august...and maybe i'll renew for another couple of months after that. i'm a bit out of control.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Bec! Good on you for having a go at producing patterns, especially for projects people should be able to finish fairly quickly - pretty but acheivable! And the of the kids wrapped in the quilt is gorgeous! I'm not even going to think about joining your fabric diet - I know I won't be able to do it!! I had been REALLy good and only buying supplies for specific projects as I needed them ... then the Aviary range became available and I was lost! Tee! Hee! Hee! Still, I have been using some of them already, so that should count, right? All the best with the designing and pattern production. Bear Hugs! KRIS