Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What have I been up to in my down time????

With no computer for almost three weeks I have been kept busy and haven't missed it as much as I thought I would have. We have made some adjustments with schooling and my procrastinating child is now working alot better, YEAHHH! I have also been able to spend more time sewing.
Last month, April, my finishes were the Christmas in July swap; and yes I have it finished early so I can't show you until my secret swap partner has recieved her parcel in July.
I also finished two baby quilts which I will post about in the next day or two. One of these is for a dear friend who recently had a baby girl.

I also finished a swap for Rhonda's Down to Earth blog, it was a useful swap consisting of two potholders and two dishtowels. It was direct swap and not everybody in the swap had a blog. I got to know my swap partner through emails and this was fun. I decided to use primary colours for her and I was FINALLY able to email her last night and she was totally thrilled with what I set her. *grin* I was so pleased; LOL esp as I have decided now that after making two sets of potholders in the past few months that they aren't my favourite thing to make!
This is what I made her;

The waffleweave for the dishtowels was rather thin but it was all I could get, so I wrote to K that I didn't think they would be very practical but hopefully were nice to look at!
Cute picture panels!

I recieved K's swap parcel to me yesterday and will share it with you tomorrow - can't show everything in one day, have to save something for tomorrow!

This month I have been working on the quilt I am making from the Woodland Bloom range. I have the big block together and am up to pieceing the borders. My deadline to get this in one piece is the end of the month. Quilting can wait for another month as I have another quilt to quilt this month.

Since March when I visited Kerry at Cottage on the Hill and bough some gorgeous flannels I have been working on them. To date I have one row together and the blocks ready to join for the second row. I have four more rows to put the outside block borders on. It is a BIG quilt and this is why it is taking me a while (amongst other things) to get it done. It is approx 90" x 108". yup, BIG! *grin* mmm nice cuddly flannel for these cold days and nights.

Last week I used some Aviary sweet roll strips to make the Moda bakeshop's little bag for my mum. As I only put batteries in the camera today I didn't take a picture of the finished bag yet. ummm I actually have to find some velcro for the fastening as I wasn't sure what sort of fastening mum would want so left it without one and asked for her preference, this will be fixed soon. So here is a picture of the strips BEFORE I made the bag. Gorgeous colours and roses....

I also FINALLY made the market bag from Leanne Beasley's travel book. I have been wanting to make this bag for ages and ages. After being at Nundle and seeing M and A's market bags I was on a mission to GET MINE DONE! * you can their bags on Leanne's blog in the Nundle 2009 sidebar picture album*
After so much procratinating the bag was REALLY quick and easy to make, definately going to make some more.

I also finished off a baby quilt top for my sister wh is due at the end of this month, I will share this one soon too.
Looking forward to catching up everyones blogs in the next few days! I have been wondering what everyone has been up to.
Bec xxx


Kate said...

Nice to see you back blogging! Looks like you got a lot down without the distraction of the computer :-)

Sarah said...

Hey Bec!
Those dishtowels are cute - those panels are just SO suited!
Great to hear the upside of no computer is lots of sewing hehehehe.
Love those Bake Shop kits - I am going to use one of those magnetic clasp for mine......
x Sarah
PS: Looking forward to seeing 'your' creations xx

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG so much to report........yes did miss you great to have you back.........love everything you have made and hope you enjoyed making the aviary bag as much as I did..........loved it finished.......

Stephanie said...

My you have been busy! The dishtowels and potholders are practical but way too cute to use. I've display them only. :o) Wow, Christmas in July projects done? Good for you!!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a productive gal you have been!! I love those dishtowels and potholders!!! Gorgeous!!

Anita said...

Wow, you have been busy!! I love everything you have made!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I am so happy with these towels and potholders! You did a phenomenal job, Bec! But these are too cute to use, though I fear becoming like my dear grandmother who had a whole cupboard with wonderful applique sets she had made with motifs from the "gay nineties" of her childhood. I inherited them and am handing them on the kitchen wall of my cottage at Chautauqua. I will hang your towels up in my kitchen and enjoy them...........It's hard to believe you have time and energy for so much with your little children and homeschool! You are not wasting your life!

BTW, I'm always amused on your and other people's blog to see that I am listed as arriving from Erie, PA, a two hour drive from here while I live very near a larger city Akron,OH) and am a half hour away from Cleveland, OH, which is much much larger. The www is a mysterious place.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You did get a lot done while your computer was down I must say but didn't you miss us even a little bit?

We missed hearing from you!

Joy said...

Wow you got a lot done while the 'puter was down!! Love the dishtowels and pot holders ... those fabrics are so cute :o) and your bag turned out great too. Those Aviarys are gorgeous ... I just adore that range, so pretty!
Joy :o)

gail said...

Hi Bec,

Don't have time just at the moment to read your post, but will come back later cause it looks so good.
Re- cutting cakes before freezing. I always cut my cakes into slices before freezing. I then put individual slices in little plastic containers or wrap them in gladwrap and just pop them in the freezer. I can then take one slice out to put in my husband lunch basket and by the time he is ready to have his morning tea it is defrosted and very fresh. The taste and quality is very good and not dry at all.

Blessings Gail

Wendi said...

Just stumbled on your blog! I love the projects you have made. Where did you find the pattern for the Japanese purse?? Everything is so cute:)

Maree said...

You have been very productive which is Great to see...I love your pot holders they are cute...also the woodland bloom quilt...Great Bag too...nice to have you back...

Sarah said...

Oh wow you HAVE BEEN BUSY! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The tea towels and potholders are extra cute!! You went above and beyond!! Anyone would love them!! So glad you are back. I realy miss visiting the ledies in www land when mine is on the blink!! Jody