Friday, July 25, 2008

Swell quilt is ready to quilt

Now that the Swell Jellystone quilt top is together I have it now basted, the pics below are before I smoothed and basted. I am glad it is finally together, I was getting sick of block placement in the end. There was one block that wouldn't sit right, so I made up another block from the left over partial blocks and the troublesome block was replaced.
I really don't know why, maybe I rushed the piecing too much, but the quilt top didn't sit as flat as they usually do and this one gave me a bit of grief when basting. It was the borders, something I have done with piecing of these. It is basted now and we'll see later on tonight how it quilts up.

The 'bitsa' block. Doesn't look too different.

Another problem I ran into.

My batting wasn't wide enough. The batting I had set aside to use was actuallynot bought to make this quilt, it was more like an off cut. I ummed and ahhed over this for about ten minutes then, after consulting with my quilt counsel, made the executive decision that I would carry on quilting and trim the borders back once quilted.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here on Saturday morning catching up on all you posts.
I agree with the Quilting Council. Wise choice to quilt then cut back, I must agree better to lose a bit of the border then losing the whole piece of batting. I love this pattern Bec, but it does look like it was very fiddly. Can't wait to see how you go quilting it and then the binding. No pressure of course.

Christine said...

What a gorgous quilt, Bec. I really love the swell fabrics. You 'bitsa' block is lovely. Blends in perfectly. Looking forward to seeing more of this one.

Maree said...

love your Quilt Bec, looks fine to me.
happy stitching