Sunday, June 29, 2008

Challenge Update

No pictures today, sorry.
I have been busy this past week, or is it two weeks, cleaning up the study so I could get to the machine in order to start my quilting. I have also been out and about far too much and doing some part time work. All this with the usual trying to keep the house clean, the troops fed and clothed and educated. There just are some times when you wish even harder for those house fairies to visit, and I don't mean those naughty house fairies that cover the floors with toys, clothes, food, and spills either - I don't particuarly like those fairies! Or is it faeries? I know some people spell it with an 'e'.

I have pulled 'Happy Days' from the machine and am seriously contemplating unpicking all the quilting I have done so far, which is about half the quilt. This is sitting aside while I consider.

Saturday I basted the bright purple butterfly quilt and yesterday I started to quilt it, in the ditch with a purple varigated thread. This is going well and as it is a small quilt I am hoping to be finished soon. Then I will get to work on Cinnamon Pie, a flannel quilt.
I have decided to add my 'Strawberry Lemonade' quilt to the list as it has been almost finished for quite some time now but I have only stitched about an inch's worth of binding on! It NEEDS to be finished.

This morning I finished the christmas tree ornament that I made for Christine of Auntie's Quaint Quilts in Sarah's ornament swap. I will get this posted off to you this week Christine so you should have it by next week.
oh, and Fiona, I found your parcel here under some things, this will also get posted this week. Sorry for the delay, things tend to get buried pretty quickly here as I am constantly putting things up out of reach from little fingers.

Now that I have few plans for travelling about I will be posting more often again.
Hubby is late home today and it is getting dark, I had better head off and bring the cow in to milk and get the fire going, and dinner go round up my 'fairies in training' *grin*

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Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

OMG Bec! I've just sat down with a cuppa before bed and do a bit og blogging....phew! I'm exhausted after reading about all your jobs. I'll send the housework fairies when the're finished at my house..... sorry could be a long wait... Thanks for the upcoming parcel. xx